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University Open Day: Urvi's Experience

Year 12 student, Urvi Nandha attended her first ever open day at Nottingham Trent University this month. She's interested in Architecture & Design so made sure she attended the relevant lectures including a Portfolio Advice talk. Watch the vlog below to find out how she got on!

Leather Workshops

The Creative Dimension Trust (TCDT) is running a FREE leather workshop for 14 - 18 year olds from 7 - 11 August atNottingham Trent University

Students will learn about the properties of leather, hand saddle stitching, make a small leather card case and a leather belt.  
They will then progress to learn how to make simple patterns and will be able to design their own satchel.

TCDT tutor Sarah Williams is a Lecturer in Fashion Accessories at Nottingham Trent University and DeMontfort University.  
She is Company Director at Williams Handmade and qualified from London College of Fashion with an MA in Fashion Artefact with distinction.

To apply for a place, students need to visit www.thecreativedimension.org  
On the Workshop tab, select Leather Working - Nottingham and the 'Applications Open' button. 
To avoid disappointment please encourage students to submit their application ASAP as places are very limited.

Questions?  Contact The Creative Dimension Trust by email: info@workshopuk.org

Life In A Fijian Community: An Honest Experience

Catherine Gryffenberg has been volunteering in Fiji this summer. Here's what she had to say about adapting to life in a Fijian community and some of the highs and lows of immersing into a different culture:

Catherine's home in Fiji
Catherine's home in Fiji
A Fijian community is the warmest environment I've ever been welcomed into. Upon arriving in my village and being sandwiched into the arms of my Fijian mum, dad and siblings, I could tell it wouldn't take long to for me to call this 'my home'.

Catherine with her Fijian family
Catherine with her Fijian family
The lifestyle couldn't be more different to what I was used to, but isn't that half the charm? The water tank became the social hub in the morning with all the village children bounding over to say "Bula!" (wishing happiness and good health) amidst teeth brushing and water bottle filling. Before long I was spending dinner with my cousins and nephews and introducing the other people in the team to my brothers and sisters!

Student Diary: Volunteering in Sri Lanka

Student Volunteers in Sri Lanka
Student Volunteers Leaving NTU For Sri Lanka!

Some of the student volunteers set off to Sri Lanka this week! Here's a diary entry written by a few of the girls on the trip...


The group met at Heathrow Airport, ready for an adventure. Our first flight was six and a half hours to Dubai. For one member of our team, it was their first time leaving the UK... ever!

After a plethora of movies, entertainment and (surprisingly) good airplane food, we made it to Dubai International Airport. It's the busiest international hub in the world and that was still the case at 8am!

Why Young People Voted In The General Election

This year's general election saw a significant rise in young voters and young people actively taking an interest in politics. I was one of these young people. 

Following on from our post Why Young People Don't Vote, it was clear that young people's enthusiasm and engagement was bubbling away (particularly on social media) ready to boil over in the results of the general election.

As a young person, I can only speak for myself when expressing my reasons why I chose to vote for the first time in this general election.