Could you be a part of this year's residential? Apply Now! #NTUSR15

The NTU Summer Residential is your ideal opportunity to experience what university might be like. 

Over three days and two nights you will…
Develop your skills for success in higher education
Stay in our university accommodation and get a real feel for living at uni
Experience student life by meeting new friends
Meet current university students and find out about student life
Enhance your application for higher education

100% of students who attended last year’s residential said that they would recommend it to a friend

And the great news is – the NTU Summer Residential is FREE! We will pay for all your food, activities and accommodation. 

Head over to our EVENTS page to book yourself on to this year's Residential!

What Can I do with Art And Design?

Featured Workshops : Theatre Design,
Fashion and Knitwear design,
Media Creatives, Product Design


"The open door policy of the teaching staff is great. If I’ve ever had a question about a lecture, or can’t find some of the recommended reading, tutors have always been very quick to respond to my emails.

Similarly, for feedback on assignments it was really easy to make an appointment and have a chat which I’ve found really useful.
Rhianon Brooks, BA (Hons) Criminology 

VLOG: Why Did You Decide to Come to University Later in Life?

When it comes to higher education, age is really just a number. Its a fact that more than 1 out of every 10 students at Nottingham Trent University is a mature student. Our latest Vlog explores some of the reasons why our mature students decided to come to university later in life. Whatever the reason, going to university as a mature student can be a highly rewarding experience!


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"The course allows freedom in terms of choosing modules, which enables you to guide your degree in the way you want it to go. It offers a wide range of topics which I have found extremely interesting." Dean Barnes BA (Hons) Sociology.

"I really liked the structure of the modules in the first year that allowed virtually every area of social life to be considered. This structure has allowed me to embrace specific topics of interest for my second year such as religion and gender and health which I can write about in my assignments."
James Donovan, BA (Hons) Sociology