What I Can Do With...A-levels or Btec

•Are you in your first year of sixth form or college?
•Have no idea what you want to do next or where your current A Levels or BTEC could take you?  
•Do you have a plan for what you’d like to study at university but want to try it out first?

How I found my 'Passion for Fashion' on Work Experience!

I have always had a lust for fashion, I was one of the lucky people who always knew what I would study once I got to university. I often read magazines and watched fashion shows on the internet. However, I didn't know much about what fashion design students actually did and learnt at university. Nottingham Trent University organise placements throughout the year for students who want to know more about university studies. It is such a renowned university so I wasted no time getting myself on one of their placements.

8 Cooking and Food Tips you'll need to survive University

Source: www.someecards.com/

How many of us students feel like this? However it isn't as hard as you think. You can make quick meals, for cheap food that tastes good! Who wouldn't want that? Below I will share with you some tips I have been told and that I have 'discovered' since I started university in 2012 (seems like ages ago now)...

Being a Student Ambassador at NTU

I found out about the Student Ambassador Scheme from a house mate who was applying and I quickly followed suit as it seemed a great way of building experience in the education sector and earning money. The main selling point for me was the flexibility of the scheme; being able to work lots of different of events when and where I wanted, seemed almost too good to be true for a part time job.

Starting a new job

Our activities officer Danielle has written a blog post about starting a new job (as the title suggests) so if you're in the process of starting your new, exciting job have a read!

So you’ve survived the interview and landed yourself a new job! WELL DONE! Now for the next step – conquering your first day. Whether it’s your first job or 30th you’ll probably feel just as nervous on your first day as you did at the interview – I know I did! 

We always have a few ‘first day jitters’ but I felt particularly nervous about starting my job as NTU Outreach’s Activities Officer, because I’d had a year out to do some travelling. Living out of a backpack and generally slumming it for so long I wasn’t sure I remembered how to work anymore, getting up early, going to meetings, EMAILS!? But within an hour of coming through the door all my worries were put to rest. 

I felt welcomed into a really lovely team and although I knew it was going to be a challenge getting started I felt really supported and sure it was going to be a great job. So, as the newbie on the block I thought I’d share with you all a few tips to help you on your first day of work!

For me knowing that I’ve prepared everything in advance takes about 75% of the stress away. So before you start it’s useful to go through a check list to make sure you’re ready to go!