The Students In Classrooms Mentors

Hi all, as you know our 6th Form students are mentored by various university undergraduates and postgraduates; they meet throughout the year; over ten times.  Each session lasts for an hour.  The tailor made sessions are to support:

·         Career pathways
·         Study skills
·         Motivate students
·         Support them overcome barriers to learning in various ways

The statement below has been written by one of the many mentors we have in our school; who have been incredibly professional and supportive with regards to increasing attainment levels. We are taking all of our 6th Form students who have been part of the scheme to a celebration event at Nottingham Trent University on May 7th.  Twenty students have taken part in the scheme.

The Students In Classrooms Scheme

Klaudia Cebula

The Inspire Mentoring Scheme has been a great experience, both for the students and myself. We have learned new and improved existing skills by covering a range of topics; like revision skills, self - development, and CVs. This scheme provides a highly valuable experience especially for 6th Formers; as it allows them to talk to someone roughly their age who has been through similar experiences.

I have been through a similar scheme myself and I think I benefited from it a lot. I found it useful to talk to students, which gave me an idea on what is to come and what university life is really like.

But, the Mentoring Scheme isn't just about finding out what university is like. Mentors are here to support students in whatever they need help with; whether it is specific subject support; or looking at choices for the future- career paths, applying for jobs, colleges.

The scheme is completely tailored to each student individually, so that they get the guidance and support they need. The sessions happen every week, one hour at a time.

I hope that through my work I have helped the students in some way - I wish them all good luck in their exams, and all the best for the future! Your school has been wonderfully welcoming; and it has been a pleasure to be here!

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