Make your summer 'AMAZING'

It's very easy to spend your free time during summer watching back to back series of your favourite show, but there's a lot more fulfilling stuff to do...

You can leave behind the doom and gloom of the English weather and swap it with some fun in the sun! Rev up your search engine and look for  some far away exotic country like Barcelona or Rome. There's a lot of cheap holiday deals to be found if you spend a little time surfing the internet! 

Work experience and Volunteering
Yes it can be tedious but can also be fun, a lot of smaller companies will expect you to work for free, but it can still be a rewarding experience. This may also be a chance to brush up on your tea making skills. NTU offer a ton of opportunities to volunteer, so start looking!

Start a blog...or Vlog
Starting a blog is very easy, the most popular blog sites are Wordpress and Blogger. It is a great your way to document your fun experiences, it looks good on your CV and its great for reflection. If not you're not the type to blog, you could try your hand at Vlogging (video blogging). It's easy and convenient, all you need is a camera-you could even use your phone. Video blogging has become very popular, you never know, you could be the next internet sensation!

summer festivals tend to sell out early, so grab your ticket while you can! if you missed the early bird rush, then search out local festivals to go to. Sometimes, upcoming performers start their careers at small festivals, you never know, you might discover something new. Plus, the atmosphere is always great

Bucket list 
Why not draw up a bucket list of all the things you want to do before you have to go back to sitting through lectures (or lessons) in the autumn. You might decide to go skydiving, or learn to play chess, heck you can even decide to attend summer schools if you miss school that much.

Whatever you decide to do, make this summer, your best summer!

Author: Siba Munsanje

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