FAQ's For Parents

University, your child’s big step - have you ever wondered what you can do to help them along the way?

When thinking about what you can do when they are preparing to go off to university, parents often tell us that they fear the unknown and even start to feel a little redundant! However, there is lots of support that parents and carers can offer their child throughout the process, and help make it a successful and stress-free experience.

Supporting the application process
The first step on the way is making sure you check through their personal statement. You can play a big part in helping them with this by:

Checking spelling and grammar
Reminding them of their past achievements that are relevant to their application
 Encouraging them to apply before the deadline

 Know the deadlines – the earlier they apply the better chance they have For 2016 applications, the UCAS administrative fee is £12 for a single choice or £23 for multiple courses or applications that are submitted after 30 June.

Attend a number of open days before they make the application so they can find the course/university that is best for them.
 If they have any questions, encourage them to contact the universities directly if they need to.
Help prepare them for potential interviews, by holding a small Q&A session.
Be around for results day

Disabilities & access to Support Services
When applying it’s also a good idea to make sure your child discloses any information about specific learning requirements. This covers all physical and mental disabilities from a need for wheelchair access to autism and learning conditions such as dyslexia.

Supporting the hunt for student accommodation
Parent and carers can often be a lot of help when it comes to securing suitable student accommodation. Some tips you might find especially useful are:

·  You usually apply for accommodation once an offer has been made
·  You will need to finalise accommodation details in August after received your results
· You can pay a deposit to secure accommodation at NTU from March if NTU is their firm choice, if not then accommodation must be booked within clearing.

Quick tips on helping smooth the transition
When you get to send off waving off your child isn’t the only thing you can do. You can guide them with your experience on many important aspects.

Money – help them plan a budget for the year & set up a student bank account.
Accommodation  Room confirmed, when can they pick up their keys?
Term dates – When does Welcome Week start? When is the first day of term?
Preparation work – Do they have any work to complete before their course begins?                     
Contacts list – Make a list of useful contact numbers
TV Licence
Parking permit?
Documentation – driving licence, National Insurance Number, NHS medical card, insurance documents, TV licence, passport, support notification, any information you've been sent by the SLC (Student Loans Company) or Student Finance Direct, paying-in book and bank details.

One last piece of advice:
It can be easy to dismiss Welcome Week as an optional extra, but we encourage new students to make the most of the opportunity. Welcome Week activities play a big part in soothing the transition to new surroundings and successfully finding their feet in a brand new routine. We hope you will soon be hearing about some interesting new hobbies!

Finally it’s important to support your child through their time within university and be by their side as although they may be growing up they’ll always need a helping hand. 

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