Anna's Volunteering Experience

 Name: Anna 

 Course studied at NTU: Fine Art

 Year of graduation: 2014

 Current job title: Post Graduate student - MA Art Psychotherapy

 Organisation name: University of Hertfordshire

What volunteering were you involved in whilst a student at NTU? Was it course related or to help with a particular career choice?
I volunteered with the following projects whilst a student at NTU:
Headway Nottingham -  A weekly volunteer throughout 2nd and 3rd year.  This experience helped build up my hours of experience to gain entry to my MA. 
Radford Care Group - Project manager of a 6 week student-led project called ‘Therapeutic Art’.  This was part of a 2nd year teamwork module.  Although the project was assessed by the course it did really contribute to my MA application. 
Mural Painting - A one day joint project to create a mural on an elderly man’s wall.  This experience was advertised to the course and did relate to my career choice. 

Has your volunteering helped your employability since graduating?
Without these experiences I wouldn't have been offered a place on to my MA when I applied.  My volunteering provided me with relevant experiences which will hopefully make me more employable after I graduate again.  They have already supported my MA course and these experiences aided my application for my two MA placements. 

What advice would you give students when considering taking part in extra-curricular activities such as volunteering?
I really recommend spending a few hours a week volunteering with the same organisation.  This time not only helps distract your from your course but you also get to experience another side of being a student in Nottingham.  It would make it far more enjoyable if you chose a project or organisation that you have a personal connection with or that relates to your course/career path.  At the same time as helping others through your volunteering, you can also help yourself by being a stronger candidate for employment opportunities. 

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