Ben's finance teaching volunteering

Name: Ben 

Course studied at NTU: Business Studies 

Year Of Graduation : 2017

Organisation name: NTU

What volunteering were you involved in whilst a student at NTU?  Was it course related or to help with a particular career choice?
I volunteered on Santander’s Financial Literacy Scheme at Meden School from 6th Feb 2015 to 27th Feb. The project was related to my course, as I am studying International business and this opportunity allowed me to develop my presentation and team working skills. Along with my ability to efficiently communicate information that can be difficult to understand to a specific audience that may not be able to fully grasp the topics that I was communicating.

Has your volunteering helped your employability since graduating?  If so, in what way?
I was involved in two training sessions and was then tasked with creating a presentation with another student and then delivering this to classes of 15-year-old pupils at Meden School. Volunteering has greatly help develop my employability skills as well as my CV as it has shown that I am proactive and diverse. Volunteering has also made me think about my career direction, this is mainly because of the contacts I have made while volunteering. As I was given a small insight into banking I decided to use the contacts I have made to gain some work experience in the banking world, which has made me direct my career approach to this field.
 What advice would you give students when considering taking part in extra-curricular activities such as volunteering?
 I would absolutely encourage people to take up volunteering, for many of the reasons that I have mentioned above, as well as the sense of achievement you get and the fact that you are helping your community as well as yourself. I would continue to volunteer, as the more experience you have, the more you can stand out.

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