Lucy's Marathon

 Meet Lucy, a member of our outreach team and a runner in the London Marathon this year. She will be one of tens of thousands of runners taking part in the London Marathon on Sunday 24 April, and is aiming to raise £2,200 for the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC).Having recently gone to ‘the Jenny Farr house in Nottingham to see some of the work that goes on locally. ‘ Lucy’s going to be running for both herself and the charity.

What  Lucy had to say about running for NSPCC:

“As well as a personal goal to get through the training and the distance on the day (in a time I’m not ashamed of!), I am raising money for the NSPCC. You can find details of their amazing work here, and yes, here’s the plea to your charitable sides and the link to my donation page should you feel you are able to contribute.” 

How ready are you?

“A couple of weeks ago I wasn’t convinced I’d ever be ready, but after an encouraging long run hitting 31km at the weekend, I’m feeling a little more encouraged about reaching that finish line on the day. “

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