Volunteering in the local community: Zoe’s story

A Photos of Zoe standing outside in front of trees.Meet Zoe, a member of our department who volunteers once a week at her local community centre:

Here's what she had to say about her experiences as a volunteer, and why you should think about getting involved in volunteering in your local area!

When I was younger, I had no idea I was even going to go to university, let alone work at one! But here I am; 8 years after graduating, and still hanging around on campus (although now, I get paid for it!)
I've worked at NTU for 5 years, and I really enjoy it. One of the things I like most about working here is getting to meet and work alongside a variety of people, and one way I get to do this is through the NTU Staff Volunteering scheme.
The scheme is fantastic; it offers staff time off work to engage in a range of volunteering activities. I chose to volunteer in my local community, and help out once a week at a community centre in Netherfield.

The role involves:

·        Preparing food
·        Working on the tills
·        Chatting to a wide range of local residents
·      Helping to plan and run special events, such as themed food nights (e.g. curry nights) and Halloween celebrations.

It’s a fantastic way to help out and meet new people from my local area, as well as build lots of useful skills!
NTU offers lots of volunteering opportunities to our staff and students; but even if you don't study/work here (yet!) i’d recommend looking out for opportunities to get involved in volunteering in your community – it is a brilliant way to make new friends, give something back to the place you call home and build all kinds of transferable skills that will help you when you come to apply for jobs and courses!

Want to know more, you can watch the video about it here:

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