Work experience in the SCCO department

The SCCO Building

Hi all, my name is Georgia, I am in year 12 and through my sixth form I have been doing work experience at Nottingham Trent University; week commencing 20th June 2016 to the 24th  June 2016.  You might think this sounds dull, maybe you’ve already got a part time job and you feel you’re already experienced, but let me tell you, this week has opened so many new doors for me, it’s provided me REAL ‘experience’. Throughout the course of the week I have taken part in a variety of different activities that have given me opportunities to learn new skills. I will talk you through what I have been up to.

Me and some of the SCCO staff  
Monday was my first day of work experience here at Nottingham Trent University and of course, I was nervous and I didn’t really have a clue what it was going to be like but I arrived with an open mind and a passion to learn. I went along with one of the SCCO staff called Lucy to a year 9 visit.  This involved telling the pupils more about university and what university experience would have in store for them. Throughout the course of the day there were various activities taking place, two of which were taster sessions which gave pupils an insight to the kind of subjects available at university. We then went for a tour around the City site to show the pupils the different areas of the university. This went really well and all the pupils were very interested. One room in particular room caught the pupils’ interest, the law room.  It is laid out like a real court room. Some pupils are hoping to do law in higher education so it benefited them to see this. On this day I learnt a lot that I didn’t know about university subjects and I really enjoyed looking around the university and getting a feel of what university life is like. It was also a chance to get my bearings on where I would be working all week.

 Court Room in the law building
On my second day I was feeling a lot more optimistic. I was based at Clifton campus which I didn’t get a feel for as much as I did the city site; it felt enclosed and had less of a vibe. I was taking part in a year 5 visit which I thoroughly enjoyed. The children were engaged and wanted to be there and the presenter, Tash, made it really interesting and did everything appropriately for that age group to understand and enjoy. We made puppets with the children, which they really enjoyed and got involved in. I even enjoyed making one myself! I developed my skills in child care and I felt I have learnt more about how to act with someone that age and adapt my language and communication around different age groups. The point of the day was to give the year 5’s an insight into what moving up to comprehensive school would be like; I felt this aim was achieved.
Arkwright Building - City site 
Wednesday was a good day! I attended, again at Clifton campus, ‘Raise the Grade French’ this was with year 10 pupils so they were well behaved and made the day easy for us helpers. I feel this massively achieved its aim and benefited the students brilliantly. I don’t do French myself so I struggled to help them out but watching them learn and develop their skills was really useful for me to see how one day can really boost your learning skills. There was a revision session where the students were given advice on how to revise so although I’m not doing French, I developed skills on revision and learnt new techniques.

Me in the Newton Building
Thursday was hectic! It was a year 12 visit consisting of 80 students so as you can imagine the room was jam packed!! I learnt that although year 12 are closest to going to university compared to year 5’s, 9 and 10, they were the least engaged which shocked me quite a bit. I think the aims of the session were met but it was difficult for the presenter to get his point across over all the talking and noise that was going on. This was my least favourite day so far.

My final day of work experience! I’m going to miss it! I wrote up my blog and spoke to various members of staff about the jobs they do. It was really interesting to learn about all the different jobs the one department do and how they work as a team. I was impressed.

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