Freshers' Week: 5 Tips for the #BestNightIn

It's Freshers' Week for nearly all Universities across the country which means lots of new students are embarking on one of the biggest journeys of their live's...

Starting University is an exciting and nerve-wracking life change and one that usually does take a while to adjust to. Also, believe it or not, most students aren't starting University just to party every night and live on a diet of instant noodles!

So what about those students who do prefer a quieter night in opposed to going out clubbing? Being recently graduated, I know that lot's of my best nights were spent staying in with my flatmates watching films and cooking together.

Yes, the girl in the room next to you might be posting her 'amazing' night out with her 'brilliant' new friends but she won't be posting the text messages to her mum saying how much she misses home. So many people feel anxious when they first start Uni because it's such a big change and the expectations of having the craziest Freshers' Week can be even more of a stress.

This is why Student Minds started the #BestNightIn campaign. It encourages students to share photos of their quieter nights in and release the pressure that everyone is out clubbing all the time. I know, from experience, that everyone is different and you really don't have to be out every night during Freshers'. If you do choose to spend some nights in it will not hinder your social life in University because there are tonnes of other ways to make friends that don't involve clubbing!

So, to give you some ideas of what to post for your #BestNightIn photo, here are 5 ways you can make a night in one of your best nights during Freshers' Week:

1. Host a movie night.

Getting everyone together to watch a good film is a great way for you to all bond.

Try to pick a film that the majority of people want to watch. It will be much more of a positive atmosphere if everyone is engaged and wanting to be there!

You could all take a trip to your local supermarket and each buys some snacks whilst you watch the film. This is a great way to chat before and get excited for your night in together.

The perfect snack for a movie night.
The perfect snack for a movie night.
2. Start a new book.

If you're an avid reader, there's nothing better than getting stuck into a new book. Reading can whisk you away from the chaos of Freshers' Week and give you a couple of hours to *breathe* and relax.

As important as it is to be socialising, it is also helpful to have a bit of time to yourself to reflect on your new experiences.

You could even start with a book on your course's reading list if it's of interest to you.

Start a new book.
Start a new book.
3. Have your own bake off!

One of the best nights I had as a Fresher was when we held a flat 'bake off' for my friend's birthday. This is a great way to get everyone involved and there's lots of lovely cake at the end, what's much better than that?

Here is one of my favourite simple, yet very effective, recipes if you need some inspiration of what to bake:

Butterfly cakes are the perfect, easy recipe.
Butterfly cakes are the perfect, easy recipe.
4. Have a pamper evening.

If you have been out socialising a lot, I'm sure you feel like you need a night to recuperate and a pamper evening is a great way to keep yourself feeling energised and clean.

If you have a bath and are allowed to light candles in your halls, a twinkly bubble bath is a perfect start...

Pop a face mask on to extract any impurities and some cucumber slices on your eyes to banish those bags you acquired last night! Pour a glass of your favourite drink, put your favourite music on and just enjoy it.

You will be starting your course soon so it's good to have a clear head before beginning.

A bath and candles are the best way to relax.
A bath and candles are the best way to relax.
5. Order a takeaway.

As important as it for your mind and body to stay healthy whilst at University, a takeaway is sometimes a must. There will also be lots of quirky restaurants for you to check out in your new city. One of my favourites is Pieminister in Nottingham!

It's nice to include all your flatmates into this and if you order together you can save a massive amount of money!

Perhaps order from somewhere that caters for everyone and eat together, a great chance for you all to get to know each other even more.

Treat yourself to a takeaway.
Treat yourself to a takeaway.
For more ideas for a great night in, why not check out the hashtag #BestNightIn on Twitter, to see what everyone else is up to?

We can't wait to see your photos too! Tag us in at @NTUOutreach or @NTUWelcomeWeek so we don't miss them.

If you need help in settling in a brilliant website for everything from homesickness to mental health concerns. If you need any further help, be sure to use your University's Health and Wellbeing services. 

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