Every Student Can Learn...

It's the time of year where the Students in Classrooms Mentors, Associates and Ambassadors are training ready to go into local schools to support students in their studies.

Although they will be going into schools to help students learn and grow, it is a massive learning curve for them too and they are not without their worries...

    Starting something new can be very daunting. Meeting new people, in a new environment and doing something you've never done before is a big thing!
     Offering support throughout is something Students in Classrooms prides themselves on. There is  also support in place from the 'dedicated school coordinator' who is available to help students or Mentors and Associates whilst they are in the classroom.

Last Year's Feedback

An Associate went into the scheme with a real purpose to reach their goal and aspiration of being a teacher:
One Mentor went into the scheme with a real purpose to reach their goal and aspiration of being a teacher.

The pupils offered great energy which can only help with their learning/future:
The Mentees offered great energy which can only help with their learning/future.
Students in Classrooms was a positive experience for the Mentors and the Mentees :
Students in Classrooms was a positive experience for the Mentees and the Mentor.

The Mentors and Associates were personally responsible for their own experience. Dedication and hard  work obviously goes a long way:
The Mentors were personally responsible for their own experience. Dedication and hard work obviously goes a long way.
Personal Responsibility.

A Student Ambassador needs an enquiring mind to explore their possibilities after the scheme:
Enquiring Mind.

A Mentee needs to be resilient in order to overcome any challenges they may be facing. Seeking support is one of the best ways to do this:
A Mentee needs to be resilient in order to learn from their mistakes. Seeking support is one of the best ways to do this.

We wish everyone taking part in the scheme this year lots of luck and would love for them to remember all of the characteristics previous successful participants have demonstrated.
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