The Best Christmas Movies and Why

As we spoke about in Sharing the Festive Joy and Collect for Christmas as a department, SCCO (Schools, Colleges, Community Outreach) see Christmas as a time to use our best characteristics to do good for the community and others around us.

So, in the Christmas spirit, we have devised a list of our favourite festive films that represent each of the characteristics (they also give you an idea of some brilliant Christmas films you could watch to get yourself in the spirit)!

Home Alone - Purpose
No one can say that Kevin doesn't have a purpose in Home Alone. He has vision, ambition and a goal. That goal is to get rid of Harry and Marv, the (rather stupid) burglars in some of the most inventive ways. Well done, Kevin, you had a goal and you achieved it!

Elf - Energy
If we ask you to think of your most energetic Christmas character, we're pretty sure you'd say Buddy the Elf! He's full of enthusiasm, optimism and kindness so there was no other film that could contend for this spot than 'Elf'.  

Arthur Christmas - Positive
Arthur is one of the most positive characters on any Christmas film. Despite all odds, he stays optimistic that he will be able to get the bike to the one child that Santa missed! This doesn't come without a bumpy ride (literally) but Arthur shows courage, resilience and empathy resulting in a very positive ending... need we say more?

A Christmas Carol - Personal Responsibility
The ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future couldn't turn mean old scrooge's attitude around if he didn't have any Personal Responsibility. Although he is quite hesitant at first, he eventually seeks support, gains a desire to be good and motivates himself to keep it up! Well done Scrooge, you finally took responsibility for your actions.

The Polar Express - Enquiring Mind
The boy wouldn't get on the Polar Express if it wasn't for his enquiring mind. He is curious and interested in his new discoveries and we watch him grow as a person throughout the film. Now, he wouldn't be able to do this is he wasn't open to new ideas. His enquiring mind is only beneficial to him and he leaves the Polar Express fully believing in the magic of Christmas.

The Grinch - Resilience
Trying to get the Grinch to change his ways is no easy feat but Cindy Lou Who doesn't give up no matter how many times she is knocked back. She is resilient to the Grinch's evil ways and shows courage in standing up to him and her perseverance results in her saving Whooville and Christmas!

We hope you enjoyed reading our favourite Christmas movies. We wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

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