...The Benefits of Failing

Believe it or not...

Now, this is not a completely bonkers title to get you to click on this post but it is actually true...
In our post The Secret To Making A Difference we introduced to you the concept that imagination is one of the key skills to making a difference.
Whether that's a difference to your own life or someone else's it is so important...

When you read the name 
we're sure you imagine something along the lines of a lightning bolt scar, round glasses, wizards or maybe even dark magic but do you really think about the person who imagined it first?

By imagining Harry Potter, J.K Rowling made a difference to her readers but she was only able to do this by making a difference to herself first...

That's where the benefits of failing come in.

Articulate, gracious and intelligent are perhaps some of the ways people would describe J.K Rowling.

This hasn't always been the case though and J.K Rowling bases her success on the fact that she failed so terrifically that she didn't believe her life could get much worse...

Take this time to watch this short clip about how J.K Rowling turned around life being 'as poor as you could be without being homeless' to a worldwide success and multi-millionaire.


J.K Rowling used her feelings of failure to not only imagine Harry Potter but having the courage to imagine herself out of her social situation.

This is where we come in.

As a department, all our work goes towards aiding social mobility and we put great importance on giving young people the chance to be whoever they want to be no matter what their social standing is.

We meet a variety of people and work towards connecting them, their ideas and evidence to advance social mobility

This connection gives our students more opportunities to develop valuable industry experience and contacts which should, in turn, enhance how employable they are.

None of our work would be possible if the students didn't apply the main points we've discussed.

at things in life, you won't know how to make yourself better.

It is also so important for you to use your 
not only to imagine what you could be but to create ideas and strategies about how to get there.

With these tools in tow, you will be one step closer to making a difference to your own life and others.

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