The Student Becomes The Master

It was only this week that someone commented on how 'heartwarming' it is that so many staff members in the SCCO department (Schools, Colleges, Community, Outreach) have been students at Nottingham Trent University.

Two of our Schools Liaison Officers, Amber and Julian, are keen to share their stories about transitioning from Nottingham Trent students... to Nottingham Trent staff!

Amber Page

"Whilst I was a student at Nottingham Trent University, I studied Psychology with Criminology. I was then lucky enough to be awarded a scholarship for a Multidisciplinary Masters in Business Management.

As part of my Masters Degree, I needed to find myself a short-term placement. 

I was ambitious and motivated so applied for a full-time position within the SCCO department at Nottingham Trent as a School Liaison Officer.

So, for half a year, I was a full-time student with a full-time job!

I graduated University and came out with

So, what is my secret to moving from the student to staff member?

Amber giving a lecture about Higher Education to hundreds of pupils from a Nottingham school.

For that, I would thank my enthusiasm to engage, particularly in my work as a Student Ambassador and volunteer.

I loved my experience as a student at Nottingham Trent and I grabbed all the opportunities it had to offer. 

Taking advantage of these opportunities increased my awareness of different career options and also meant that I never wanted to leave!


Whilst working for the SCCO department, I have been lucky enough to be selected as a mentor on the International Volunteering trip to Romania... for the second year running!

Amber in her role as a team mentor for the International Volunteers at Little John's House in Romania.
The International Volunteering Projects offer students valuable experience and allows them to develop important skills (like motivation, positivity and teamwork) which they can take away with them when they graduate.

not just for the week they are away volunteering. 

We do this by supporting the learning process leading up to their time in different countries by training them and answering any concerns or queries they may have.

It was so rewarding to be on the other side of the project and supporting students that have as much enthusiasm for learning as I did!"

Julian Robertson

"Being a Student Ambassador was just one of the rewarding experiences I had during my time at University. 

Julian working with a group of children on the 'High Five' event in the summer of 2014.
As well as being a great way to earn some extra cash, it allowed me to develop and learn new skills like leadership and resilience

In gaining experience working with groups of young people, leading pupils through activities and planning out subject taster sessions, I was able to gain skills in

These transferable skills can be crucial when making applications for University or jobs and in making you stand out as the best candidate for the role.

It was because of this experience that 
 in the SCCO department at Nottingham Trent soon after I graduated!

Working as a Schools Liaison Officer in SCCO means that I get to continue with the type of work I enjoyed so much as a Student Ambassador. I am also able to use all of the skills I gained and learn more, too.

so if anyone ever says that working part-time or volunteering in your spare time is pointless, don't believe them...

You might just land yourself with your dream job because of it!"

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