"Today, kids, we're going to graffiti..."

One of the ways our Children's University (CU) pupils can earn stamps in their passport is by taking part in an art club.

The art clubs we put on are run by Nottingham Trent University (NTU) student volunteers. We went along to Carlton Standhill Infants' School to see how they were getting on...

This group of Year 2's were on the third week of art club which run for an hour every Thursday after school finishes. 

Our student volunteer, Natalia Figiel, has been working with the group each week and has thoroughly enjoyed her experience. 

She said: "The teacher and I plan ahead so we figure out things like what materials they need and what we are going to do in the sessions."

Natalia and the children's teacher decided to teach them about graffiti art and what a wide scope for trying out different styles their is with it in their first session. The second session entailed the children transferring those skills and knowledge and using paint and acryllics.

The last session, which we were lucky enough to capture in photos, was all about collages. The children were tasked with making door hangers for their bedroom at home using all sorts of different materials.

Natalia said: "The children enjoy being able to be messy, try something different and learn something new which is not always possible in a classroom environment."

This isn't Natalia's first time volunteering as she has already volunteered at Bluecoat academy assisting the polish speaking children reach the best of their ability whilst learning English. She gives them tips, explains the work and supports them in their transition. She finds volunteering very rewarding and is grateful for the valuable experience she is getting whilst working towards her PGCE in teaching.

It's not just the Infants' schools that are embracing art clubs. Djanogly's Year 7s are also new to the concept and have set up an art club of about five pupils. Two of our student volunteers help out every Wednesday and teach the pupils how to create art in various mediums and styles.

This group are also very excited to branch out their artistic knowledge and have trips to the New Art Exchange and NTU Art and Design Degree shows set up!

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