Why Young People Don't Vote

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These are words you will be hearing everywhere, especially at the moment but do they mean anything to you?

Evidence has shown that young people are interested in elections and politics way more widely right now. They are interested in voting, they do care about who's elected so why have they been so disengaged up until now?

Young person's candidate checklist

Unfortunately, in recent General Elections, many young people think that the candidates haven't been able to demonstrate the points above effectively.

This has led to young people feeling marginalised and alienated from formal electoral politics which resulted in a low turnout of young people.

So, what does this mean?

Politicians ignore young people

Getting out and voting could, therefore, force politicians to start taking notice of young people.

In the current election, massive amounts of young people have registered to vote which as already spurred some political parties to start promoting the issues that young people care about.

Now, here's the stats...

The government spends its money in line with who votes

Older people vote for the issues that affect them and this is evidenced through the fact that 42% of the welfare budget goes on pensions.

But what issues could young people change?

Things young people can change by voting

Social media influencers like Hannah Witton and Russell Brand have been encouraging young people to vote and take ownership of their futures.

Even if you haven't managed to register to vote in time for this month's General Election you can still register here and never miss out on voting again!

Register and vote

Thanks to Professor Matt Henn and Senior Lecturer Martin Monahan from the School of Social Sciences for providing us with the research and statistics for this post.

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