Outreach Delivery Team

We are the Outreach Team within the Schools,  Colleges and Community Outreach (SCCO) department of Nottingham Trent University.

From Left to Right: Natasha Neale, Lucy Judd and Danielle Sample.
We spend most of our time in local schools and colleges helping young people and adults find out more about University and how to make informed decisions about the role of Higher Education in their own future. We mostly work with individuals from Year 5 to Year 13 and we specifically aim to work closely with widening participation groups.

As a team, we're looking at how and what we teach so that we can support young people in getting to University as well as being successful once they are in.

We believe (and research supports this) that the best way for people to learn important information is through asking questions and discovering new things for themselves. This allows them to apply new information in their own terms and make it more relevant to their own needs.

As a result, our sessions are designed to incorporate new, interactive and interesting techniques to help young people achieve specific learning outcomes, including SOLE (Self-Organised Learning Environments), scale-up 'flipped' learning, co-operative learning and digital technologies. These approaches offer the opportunity to practice the kinds of skills needed at University and will prepare individuals for learning in a much more mature way.

Our workshops, sessions and events are all designed to take advantage of our access to inspirational students, fantastic learning facilities and expertise in university life and study, in order to help prospective students develop the attitude, mind set and character for successful learning. This kind of support is great for helping young people find out all about university, but will also set them in good stead for the subjects they are studying right now. That means that our participants have an even better chance of getting to university and of being successful when they get here.

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If you would like to find out more about our roles and projects you can meet the team and contact us via our individual profiles here.

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