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4 Attractive reasons you should devote your mornings to NTU Saturday Art Club

Saturday Art Club is an exciting art experience that stem from the partnership between Nottingham Trent University and the Saturday Club Trust. We run it from autumn to summer each year. It is a free opportunity for 13-16 year olds who have an interest in Art & Design to get involved in a subject they love.

Whether you are applying to study a creative field at college or are looking or looking for jobs in art, design, photography or architecture field, this weekend club will definitely help you build some skills and help you expand your portfolio.

Aisha, a member of last year’s Saturday Art Club shared her ideas and thoughts with Student Outreach on what it was like for her and why you should not miss this opportunity

Hi Everyone

I’m Aisha and I attended Saturday Art club for 2 years. I chose to initially join because I wanted to expand my knowledge and practical skills in art, as I was taking it as a GCSE. Based on my experience, I would recommend joining if you have the slightest interest in Art, so here are a few reasons why

You will have a freedom to create anything you want!

Saturday Art Club is a completely different experience from taking Art at school. There is so much more creative freedom, allowing you to develop style as an artist. You have much more control over what you produce and how you produce it. I also found the environment a lot more relaxed and supportive; I felt no pressure or judgement towards what I produced from anyone. The tutors and student volunteers were all so lovely, they made my time so enjoyable.

You will learn to create things with the professional artists

During my time at the club, I gained an insight into the world of art, and the careers within. We had the opportunity to work with experts from a wide variety of fields, such as Architecture firm ‘Arup’ and architects from Cullinan Studio. One of my favourite sessions was making clay houses with Anna ( porfolio ) a successful local artist here in Nottinghamshire. We learnt how to build, paint, and decorate with glazes; I still have my house and it turned out so pretty!

You will expand your portfolio

Through Saturday Art Club you can also take part in your Arts Award. Participating in this is another wonderful chance to gain more knowledge of different artists that you are personally interested in, extend on what you are already good at and get a qualification by the end of it! I would recommend taking part in this if you take GCSE Art; you can add work that you created and learnt about into your school portfolio, and it again gives you further knowledge and skills that you can apply to the course.

You will visit art exhibition in London!

Another small added bonus of attending Saturday Art Club is the London visit. I went in 2019, and it was amazing! We visited Tate Modern and got to see all the other clubs work in an exhibition. The city was stunning, and it was very inspiring to see the exhibitions.

Even though I no longer study art, the social skills and enjoyment I gained from my time with the club have stayed with me. It gave me a momentary break from life, to engage in something I truly cared about. My love and appreciation of art and our ability to find it in so many aspects of life grew over those 2 years so strongly. I would definitely recommend taking this opportunity, whether you study a creative subject at school or not.

Here are the artics from the local area who we have worked with at Saturday Art Club:
  • Julian Hughes – Photographer, artist, educator and documenter of the arts
  • Megan Wall – Illustrator, designer, writer, print and prototype enthusiast.
  • Claire Davies – Screensaver artist.
  • Bruce Asbestos – Video, fashion, video games and social media artist.
  • Dizzy Ink – Print, design & creative workshop studio based in Nottingham.
  • Theodora Prassa – Senior Print Technician at NTU.
  • To see what all the members were up to last year, check out the online SUMMER SHOW 2021!
Blog Administrator. Currently ran by co-author Emilia Denis. Emilia has studied Fashion Communication and Promotion at NTU between years 2017 and 2020.

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