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5 Simple student ideas for a night in.

For nearly all universities across the country, Freshers’ Week means that many new students are embarking on one of the most significant journeys of their lives.

University is exciting, but it’s also challenging, and it can take time to get used to. The change from high school to university can be daunting for many students, and having the expectations of having the biggest Freshers’ Week can only add to that anxiety. However, despite widespread belief, most students aren’t starting University just to drink every night and eat instant noodles all day long!

What about the students who prefer a quieter night at home rather than heading out to a club? Since recently graduated, I recall lots of memorable nights spent watching films with my flatmates and making dinner together.

In order to combat this, Student Minds created the #BestNightIn campaign, which encourages students to share photos of their quieter nights in, easing the pressure to party all the time. My experience is that everyone‘s situation is different, so you really shouldn‘t have to be out every night during Freshers. If you choose to stay in a few nights, it won’t hinder your social life.Since there are plenty of other ways to make friends besides clubbinghere are five ways to make a night in one of your best nights during your first weeks at Uni.

1. Host a movie night

When everyone watches movie together, it’s a great opportunity to bond. Choose movie that most people want to seeYou’ll create a much more positive atmosphere if everyone is engaged!

You could all go to the grocery store and buy some snacks while watching the film. This would allow you to catch up while you watch the film and get excited for the night ahead.

The perfect snack for a movie night.
The perfect snack for a movie night.
2. Start a new book

A new book is the best way to escape the stress of intense week for a couple of hours, and you will be ready to breath again. If you are an avid reader, you will appreciate getting lost in a good book.

Although it is important to socialise, it is also vital to spend some time alone reflecting on our new experiences. You can even began by reading a book from your course reading list if it interest you.

Start a new book.
Start a new book.
3. Have your own bake off!

One of the best nights in I had as a fresher was when we organised a ‘bake off’ in the flat for my friend’s birthday. It’s a great way to get everyone involved and then there’s cake at the end, what’s better than that?

In case you’re looking for some baking inspiration, here‘s one of my favourite simple, yet very effective, recipes:


Butterfly cakes are the perfect, easy recipe.
Butterfly cakes are the perfect, easy recipe.
4. Have a pamper evening


The night after a long weekend of socialising, you are likely keen on a relaxing night in. A pamper evening is a great way to rejuvenate and feel energised.

Take a bubble bath if you have one and you’re allowed to light candles in the halls… Put a face mask on to remove impurities and place cucumber slices over your eyes to avoid bags you acquired last night…

Your course will begin soon, so it’s good idea to have a clear head before getting started.

A bath and candles are the best way to relax.
A bath and candles are the best way to relax.
5. Order a takeaway

Despite how important it is to stay healthy while at university, sometimes a takeaway is a must. There will also be a variety of quirky restaurants for you to check out in your new city. One of my favourites is Pieminister in Nottingham.

Consider ordering from place that is able to cater to everyone and eat together. This will allow you to get to know your flatmates even better and save a lot of money.

Treat yourself to a takeaway.
Treat yourself to a takeaway.


I hope you enjoyed my advice. If you know any other tips, feel free to start conversation and comment below.


Whether you need advice on homesickness or mental health, STUDENT MINDS can help.

If you need further supportremember to ask your university’s Health and Wellness department

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