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A Guide to Study Friendly Cafes in Nottingham

The world of study or work has evolved in the past two years. We are seeing more people who study in a hybrid way or work remotely around Nottingham Trent University city campus.

Whether you are doing your studies via laptop screen, phone app or other digital technology, eventually you can get sick of being around the same space, right? Working or studying from home has given us so much flexibility to decide when, where and how we work. But sometimes it can be seriously distracting – like TV or refrigerator getting between you and your work.

With the rise in popularity of coffee shops, I noticed that many students in Nottingham are turning their attention to this new type of environment. Of course cafes provide an interesting place where you can study without any sorts of distractions. They can really help you get your course work done! Finding one that has just what you need could be tricky. I decided to explore some of the new spaces and cafes to help refocus my mind. 

Here is a guide to some of my favourite study friendly cafes in Nottingham city centre. You can use my choices as examples in helping you find what kind of place and vibe of a space works best.


A quite cafe with a friendly staff & great coffee

This is currently the front runner for me, mainly because it serves a great range of coffee and it’s located in more quieter part of the city centre. Carthweel are the small coffee roasters and collection of cafés based in Nottingham that is committed to sustainable roasting and ethical sourcing of their coffee beans. I love their friendly staff who is always knowledgeable about the drinks they serve. It’s a perfect place to study or finishing that paper if you need a bit of a relaxed vibe. They even have a healthy vegan and gluten free menu which is always a bonus!

Student Budget: Medium-High

Where: 16 Low Pavement, Nottingham NG1 7DL – 8 mins from City Campus. Map

Menu: Nottingham and Beeston


Pret – A – Manger

Best place for a limited budget.

If you are looking for a working station but don’t want to spend too much on drinks to keep you going, this is a place to go! Pret offers a £25 monthly subscription for up to 5 drinks a day! This is £25 for 35 cups of coffee a week. This place is usually busy and noisy but it’s situated in the heart of Nottingham City Centre. It really has helped me with the working space during the time when I was applying for jobs after university. In any other cafes, you must pay for all your drinks which is why this offer is exceptionally useful if you are looking for someplace to crack on with work for a few hours.

Student Budget: Low to Medium.

Where: 10 High Street, Nottingham NG1 2ET (Opposite Zara) – 5 mins from City Campus. Map

About the promo: Subscription – Pret a Manger

Cobden Place Cafe

Hidden gem with a cute and independent atmosphere

Cobden place is a hidden gem in the little urban hidden courtyard called Cobden Chambers in Hockley. Apart from the cafe, which serves bottomless coffee and tea, it also has creative co-working spaces on the 2nd and 3rd floor for taht is available for members. If you like some vintage clothes and charity shops, this place also has a ‘Kilo Sale’ on the 1st floor!

Student Budget: Low to Medium.

Where: Unit 5, Cobden Chambers, Pelham Street, Nottingham NG1 2ED – 5 mins from City Campus. Map

About: Cobden Place

Kings Walk Kitchen

Best brunch in town!

This place is a great choice for students and it’s situated only 2min walking distance from City Campus. This independent cafe is generally known for serving healthy breakfasts and brunches. It offers a quiet study space in upstairs seating area for working customers with plenty of chairs and plug sockets. You can also enjoy a 15% Student discount all day every day.

Student Budget: Medium.

Where: 10 King’s Walk, Nottingham, NG1 2AE – 2 mins from City Campus. Map

About: Kings Walk Kitchen

Waterstones Cafe

This would be a place for you if you love being surrounded by books! Located on the third floor of the bookstore, it offers stunning scenic views of the city centre. In Waterstones cafe, you can enjoy your coffee and a fairly quiet space but avoid it at weekends as it get’s very busy. Waterstones also lets you to borrow books to read while you are there. This is very helpful, when you have a mental block or need a little of inspiration.

Student Budget: Medium.

Where: 1-5 Bridlesmith Gate, Nottingham, NG1 2GR – 5 mins from City Campus. Map

There’s so many cafes around campus and Nottingham and we will keep exploring for more this year.

Please comment below if you have any favourite cafe to study in Nottingham and we will add it on to the list above!

Emilia Denis
Emilia has graduated in Fashion Communication and Promotion at NTU in 2020. She's currently working at NTU and is an administrator of NTU Outreach Blog.

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