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What it’s like to become an Achievement Coach.

If you are thinking of teaching I would one hundred percent recommend this role, honestly I wish I have had done it sooner.

This article shares insights from Rasna – a former Achievement Coach on what the role entailed, how it benefited her professionally, and why she would recommend pursuing this type of scheme.

Why did you become an Achievement Coach?

Rasna: My route to university was through Sixth Form and completing my A-Levels in English, Business and History. I always had a passion for English and knew that I wanted a career that involved Literature and the aspects of English I enjoyed. However, not having a clear sense of what career path I wanted to follow before and during some of university was quite daunting.

I would also say that I struggled at school.. I always worked hard in school but sometimes I just could not get my head around things that were being taught and this is something I still struggle with now and the Students in Classrooms scheme gave me an opportunity to help some that are perhaps a little bit like me. Furthermore, I had struggles and fears about moving away from home for university and meeting new people.

How did you hear about the role?

Rasna: I studied English as an undergraduate degree. My university course consists of a lot of reading and communicating. Although, some people often don’t value the importance of English. As well as how it is fundamental to learning in education and working life. This is one of the reasons that I wanted to study English and now go on to teach the subject. I had heard about the Students in Classrooms scheme in passing throughout my degree. After hearing about this scheme again in my third year, I bit the bullet and applied for it. I wanted to confirm that teaching was truly the career path I wanted to follow.

I had little experience in the classroom. In my sixth form, I was a reading mentor, but this scheme allowed me to find out whether it would be something I would be interested in. As the scheme specifically involved English, it was perfect.

Being an Achievement Coach allowed me to experience teaching first hand on a smaller scale and to see whether or not it was truly for me. From the scheme, I realised that teaching is the career path that I’d like to follow. It gave me a real sense as to what being in a classroom is like even though I was only working with four children. From lesson planning and planning games for both individual and group session, it allowed me to be creative.

It was an amazing experience that truly allowed me to make a difference in a positive way whilst also giving me a realistic view as to what role a teacher fulfils and what skills are required to do so.

What have you learned from your role?

Rasna: It helped me to see first-hand the roles and responsibilities of a teacher without actually having that title. This scheme confirmed for definite that my aspiration of becoming a teacher was exactly what I wanted to do.

It allowed me to work and help younger children. I could truly see how my actions can help someone improve academically and personally. Also, from this role I realised how much I can learn from children and vice versa. It is amazing how much you can learn from people younger than yourself!

At first, it was daunting being in a classroom and working amongst young people but this scheme helped me build my confidence in a school environment as well as helping me develop many other skills.

Without having done the Students in Classrooms programme in my final year, I believe that I would not have had the skill set nor the experience to be able to work within a secondary school. Through it I gained confidence and learned how to communicate with young people. I also realised my potential as a teacher and role model.

No matter how well you plan and organise, not everything will be successful. Sometimes it can be frustrating, but when you know that you helped someone, the reward and satisfaction are worth it. 

So if you are thinking of teaching, I would one hundred percent recommend this role.

Honestly, I wish I have had done it sooner!

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