Are you looking to get some writing or editorial experience? Want to see your work published on NTU Blog?

We’re looking for NTU students from all walks of life to create content for ur student blog on their university experience. We will use your voice to inspire, motivate and support those students and those who might be looking into Higher Education or are just simply interested in what it means to be a student. We have a whole range of subjects that we would like to be covered however we also look forward to hearing of any ideas that you may have that reflect your real-life experience and interests!

If you are currently enrolled at NTU and want to write an article for us, please contact us. Make sure you include information on where you are from, what you are studying, your student number and why you want to blog.

Have you graduated from NTU?

Now that you’ve graduated from the university, you might be reflecting on your experience and all that you have learned! Think your advice could help current NTU students? If you have some words of wisdom for them or younger self, contact us.