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How Callum secured a job volunteering after graduating from NTU

Are you looking for ways to gain career experience and connect with employers? Volunteering through NTU is not just about doing good work. It’s also an opportunity for you to get real-life experience and make connections that could help change your future employability! Check out this short conversation with on of our graduates who was able to find employment after graduation because of Volunteering with us.

Callum: Currently, I am a volunteer at Nottingham City Museums and Galleries, which includes Nottingham Castle and Wollaton Hall. I began volunteering before university during my gap year. It occurred to me that I wasn’t very good at anything, or rather I didn’t have the opportunity to find if I was good at anything. Basically, I wanted to try anything and everything at that time.

I participated in a variety of volunteer projects, but I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. While I joined some wonderful projects, they required too much time from me. It was especially difficult since I would be attending university soon. Several of the experiences were good, but they did not exactly match my goals. I found that the project I didn’t think I would enjoy in the end was perfect for me!

Has your volunteering helped your employability since graduating?  If so, in what way?

Callum: Currently, I volunteer at Nottingham City Museums and Galleries. Specifically, their Illuminate group. It is a young people group that works on a variety of projects at different museums across Nottinghamshire. I do other things too, but this is mainly what I do.

My experiences have not only helped me develop as an individual, but have also given me a wide range of work skills. During my job interview at the National Video Game Arcade last summer, I realised that instead of not having much to say, I had a lot to say about my skills. It helped me get a job at the National Video Game Arcade because I gained all this experience that didn’t really feel like work!  

What advice would you give students when considering taking part in extra-curricular activities such as volunteering?

Callum: wanted to express my gratitude to NTU’s Volunteering Team. I didn’t need assistance finding the volunteer work, but knowing they are just an  email/phone call away to help me with any issues is very reassuring. If you’re unsure on something or want to try something new they can help.   There’s this notion that volunteering is for the elderly or to work behind a till in a charity shop.

There is something for everyone, and the experiences are so varied. Volunteer work has been the most valuable thing that has happened to me. I have had some wonderful opportunities as a result. When I graduate from university, I feel confident that the skills and experiences I have acquired will enable me to secure full-time employment.

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