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Dorrie’s work experience at Nottingham Trent University

I have only have been at the university for a week, but I have learnt so much in this short period of time. Firstly, I have acknowledged lots of helpful factors to allow the students to have a comfortable experience when studying at Nottingham Trent. For example, there is a 97% employment rate around the university; making it easy to get a secure job when being a student at the university. Also, there is a new campus, the Confetti campus, adding to the additional City, Clifton and Brackenhurst campuses. This new campus will include features like special effects courses and film directing experiences, which adds to the increasingly long list of courses available at Nottingham Trent University!

On my first day, I was mainly shadowing James and some Student Ambassadors {SAM’S} talking to some Year 12’s from a school in Boston. The Year 12’s seemed to be quite interested in the care aspect of things, as lots of questions left on Soccrative were about what the health and social care courses and what they include. The group as a whole were quite reserved, but seemed to be taking in the information from James and the SAM’S, and were hopefully more informed after they left.

James’ talk to the year 12’s has shown me just how convenient NTU, but in particular the city campus is. First of all, the transport is extremely helpful, as although there aren’t many car spaces, there are so many buses and trams available, or you could help save the planet and cycle or walk to work or the uni if you aren’t living there. The facilities are also very good as James showed me a glimpse of what shared accommodation looks like, the shared kitchen and shared toilets etc. Altogether, university looks like such a good experience and is definitely something to consider.

On Tuesday morning, I started to write this blog, as I had gathered so many notes through the presentation to the yr12’s and through just being in this environment in general. After I was finished writing, James took me on a quick tour of the university ground, including going to the journalism and TV building and seeing what the studio looks like! Then, after lunch, Danielle, Julia and I travelled to Newark, to see some yr13 students who had already applied and confirmed their chosen university. It took us quite a while to locate the students as there was only 5 of them, but once we had found them, Julia started her presentation and me and Danielle watched. They seemed quite happy with their plans for university, they just had to think about where they’ll stay when attending their chosen university.

Wednesday has probably been the best day so far. In the morning, Julia, myself and some more SAM’S went to Nottingham Free school for Inspired yr8’s who were a very lively class! The aim of the visit from the university was to get the students to start thinking about their future and what their plans may be.  They had 3 different activities to complete as tables, to help them realise what is the most important thing to have and what they want to do when they’re older. The outcome was good, the class seemed to take a lot of things on board, showing that the outreach team really do make a big difference to the students mindsets and are effective at showing how much of an experience university is. Later that afternoon, lots of people from the office and myself travelled to the Clifton campus to find out more and complete a session of the Forest school programme, which Danielle is managing. This was such a good experience, we did things such as whittling wood to make a magical wand, making a den, creating pieces of natural art and using flint and steel to make fire. This was really fun and we could all see it being a very effective way to help students learn more who may have a disability or behavioural problems.

I started off Thursday working on this blog. This week has allowed me to experience what a working office environment is like, and it has sort of surprised me in some ways! Office work may be slightly boring sometimes, but everyone here is always so positive and hardworking, so it doesn’t feel like a boring office environment. There are also always people there to help, and the atmosphere is very friendly. At 10.30 lots of people from the office and I went other to another building to do a SCOT meeting. Although I didn’t understand everything everyone was talking about at times, the meeting was very informative and it was clear that so many things go on that aren’t acknowledged when you think about people that work at uni! Then, after lunch, we travelled to Sutton, to visit a school called Quarrydale academy. We visited a year 9 class who were quite shy, however, they did create some really good pieces of work, and stood up at the front of the class to present what they had done. I have visited quite a few schools this week and it’s good to see how many students consider university!

Friday started off with a tour of the campus and the features it includes. Nasser kindly let me join on the tour, which was with 4 students from the Confetti College. They were all taking music technology and were quite interested to see what Nottingham Trent has to offer. They were shown the student ‘village’ briefly, and we visited the library and the rooftop space. We also took a look inside the Student Union and the Newton building. Later that Friday, Niall and James and I travelled to Quarrydale academy again- only this time it was with year 12 students. These students had already got a good idea of where they wanted to go to uni or if they wanted to go in general and had already attended various UCAS workshops, but this was just to help them think about their personal statements etc.

Overall, this week has been so good. It has been quite an eye-opener as to what office work and the SCOT team get up to, and I would definitely recommend going to the uni for work experience to future year 10’s. I just want to thank everyone for being so helpful and kind to me this week, it was a week to remember!


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