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Saturday Art & Design Club* Meet our student ambassadors: Holly and Ellie

SF-Zack McLaughlin Masterclass@NTU- May 2016
Saturday Art & Design Club isn’t only rewarding for the young people (aged 13 -16 years old) who attend the weekly workshops but it’s also beneficial for the student assistants that support the Club.  In this post, some of our student assistants tell us why they have enjoyed the experience this year.
Holly working with a group of club members.

Holly Barrett

Graduated from Costume Design in July 2016
The main thing that drew me to working with the Saturday Art club was the opportunity to work alongside something that inspires and helps engage young people with the arts, something that can be easily overlooked by many.
The club tries many different techniques from photography to making paper costumes.  It really gives the young people the chance to try things they may not necessarily get to try at school, enabling them to find talents they may not have realised they had and discover things they really enjoy doing.

I really enjoyed seeing the wide range and high standard of work the students produced and seeing the groups commitment to give up their Saturday mornings, to attend the club made it a pleasure to also give up my Saturday morning lie-ins to help the club.

Through the different sessions, I helped with I also felt like I learned a lot of techniques and was even able to use parts of the university I wouldn’t normally come across, like the photography studio.

I also learnt a lot during the masterclass with artist Zack Mclaughlin, this was particularly interesting as he explained about the route he had taken since graduating university, to get to where he is now.  This was inspiring as I have just graduated and am about to head out into the exciting, yet scary,world of working in the creative industry.

Working with the club has been really enjoyable and I wish everyone all the best with wherever their futures take them. If I ever get the opportunity to and working with young people and the arts in the future, it will definitely be something I would get involved in.

Holly helping a member of Saturday Art & Design Club to create a model bird.

Find out more about Holly’s work on her website: or follow her on Twitter @hollybarrettcostume

Ellie Barlow

Graduated from Costume Design in July 2016
I was initially interested in this role as I thought it would be a good experience while I was studying at NTU. The most rewarding thing I found was seeing how creative these young students are and their eagerness towards their work and helping each other, especially on a Saturday morning! I have learnt many skills, such as keeping up with the energy of the students! I feel like this has been a great opportunity while studying at NTU because it has made me feel useful by encouraging the next generation of creatives, while studying myself.
Ellie showing a Saturday Art & Design Club member work on her laptop.
Take a look at Ellie’s work on her website:

*Saturday Art & Design Club runs free weekly workshops at Nottingham Trent University from October to July.  The workshops are open to pupils aged 13 -16 years old.  If you would like to find out more, please contact Sarah Barkley at:

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