Pre-University Work Experience

How I found my ‘Passion for Fashion’ on work experience!

I have always had a lust for fashion, I was one of the lucky people who always knew what I would study once I got to university. I often read magazines and watched fashion shows on the internet. However, I didn’t know much about what fashion design students actually did and learnt at university. Nottingham Trent University organise placements throughout the year for students who want to know more about university studies. It is such a renowned university so I wasted no time getting myself on one of their placements.

My work experience lasted for a week, thankfully there were 2 other students on their work experience as well, so I wasn’t alone.  Over the first few days, we worked with the second year fashion design students, they were very helpful and enthusiastic to share their experiences of what they had learnt since joining the university. But, not only were the students helpful, but I was suprised by the range of software and technology that they used to create their designs. At one point we had to create mood boards using Photoshop.



It was completely new to me so I was excited to see what I could create with it. Even though my friends had all come across Photoshop before, I had no experience with it. Thankfully the teacher was exceptionally patient with me, she was willing to repeat the steps over and over again until I finally got it! There was a segment where we were given certain fashion websites and told to identify 3 latest trends. This was a walk in the park for me because I live and breathe fashion! All the fashion shows I watched and the fashion magazines I read adequately prepared me for this. I enjoyed applying my knowledge into my work.


On the third day, we learnt how to create our own little fashion magazines by using yet another software programme called InDesign. The over design, content and layout of our magazines was completely up to us. The lecturer only taught us what techniques we could use but everything else was our decision. I enjoyed the autonomy and It made me feel more confident in my abilities. 

On our last day, when everyone had finished designing their booklet, we had a taster workshop on pattern cutting! This is one of my favourite parts because it reminded me of why I wanted to study fashion design in university. I had so much fun. They definitely saved the best for last!


After this week, I have a clear idea of how a fashion design course is studied in university.I found my passion again and now I am absolutely sure university is the way for me. My advice, if you are not sure about going to university or what a fashion design course is like I strongly recommend getting work experience, because it gives you a taster of what the course is like instead of your own guessing. 


Author: Milly Ma

Editor(s): Siba Munsanje
Blog Administrator. Currently ran by co-author Emilia Denis. Emilia has studied Fashion Communication and Promotion at NTU between years 2017 and 2020.

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