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Starting at university can be a big transition and we want to make it as easy as possible for all students.

Each academic year The Collaborative Engagement and Retention Team (CERT) an NTU recruit  Student Mentors to help other students to get most out of the NTU experience.

If you want to be that difference for first-year students, this role will let you positively impact their experience of coming to university – simply by being yourself and sharing your knowledge!  If you will be in your second yearfinal year or returning for postgraduate study, this is a great paid opportunity to get involved.

You will support a group of first-year students from your course, both one-to-one and in groups, and you will work with a wider team of student mentors to create a sense of belonging and community.

It is a wonderful opportunity to develop employability skills and boost your confidence in areas like organisation, communication and teamwork. What’s more, the role is flexible to fit around your studies through the year and can be balanced with your needs.

*If you are a new student starting this year, scroll down toward the end of this article, to find out how you can reach out to your Student Mentor.

What is student Cert Mentor?

What are the benefits of being a CERT Student Mentor?

  • It’s PAID opportunity! You will work casual hours, fitting around your studies and social life.
  • It looks great on your CV. Will boost your employability with skills such as leadership, time management, problem solving, communication, event management, active listening and teamwork.
  • Great way to give something back to community and support first year students with their transition to uni.
  • Is recognised on The Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR). All undergraduates are eligible for this electronic report. The report  includes details of your degree classification, exam results, modules taken, and verified extra-curricular activities.
  • Can be included in your work towards the NTU Award (22 hours of mentoring can be included in your submission)
  • Is an excellent opportunity to develop networks with a range of academics and professional services staff from at Uni.


Are you new to NTU?

How Student Mentors can help me?

Student Mentors are second year, final year, or postgraduate students who studied the same course as you. It’s not been long since they were in exactly the same shoes as you therefore, they’ll understand how you are feeling.

We chose them to help you to settle into life at NTU. They will encourage you to take part in the opportunities through your School, University and the Students’ Union (NTSU). They will share their own experiences of being a first year student providing with individual support and point you in the direction when needed… This extra support is there for you to ensure that you have everything you need to succeed at university!

How can I get in touch with my Student Mentor?

If you’re not sure who your Student Mentor is and you’d like some help getting in touch with them please email Please include your name, email address, course title, N number and that you would like to get in touch with your mentor.


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