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How to save money: Grocery Shopping Tips

Team up with your flatmates

Get together with your flatmates to buy larger quantities of stuff, it works out cheaper per person e.g. washing powder, big bags of rice/pasta. Not only will it save you all money, but it’s a great opportunity to cook together with flatmates, make new friends, and share recipes.

Shop at the right time

Shop at the supermarkets half an hour before they close or between 5-8pm as they begin to reduce a lot of fresh stuff that you could use straight away or freeze. You’ll almost always have food using this method.

Batch cook for the week

Batch cooking is amazing. Make a big pot of Bolognese, freeze most of it in pots, and you’ll have a meal one day a week for the next month! Have it with pasta, on a jacket, on toast (yeah, really!), it is the cheapest way to make sure you have a good meal at least once a week.      

Make it yourself

Make your own yoghurt! Buy one pot of live yoghurt then make your own from then on.

Never buy ready cut/processed foods. We’re talking about things like frozen chips.  It’s potato, diced up, and they make it expensive. Just buy potatoes, dice them, and oven them, if you REALLY want to have chips. In fact, don’t by anything that has been pre-cut up, because you’re just paying extra for no reason.·

Limit your meat consumption

As well as doing your bit for the environment, limiting your meat consumption can save you money. Instead, bulk your meals up with lentils and veggies, which can be surprisingly versatile.  We recommend buying your veggies frozen, as you can often find things cheaper than buying fresh, and in larger quantities.

Evaluate the ‘Bargains’

Think twice about the offers in shops. 2 for £5 may have caught your eye, but if it is £2.60 each, it really isn’t much of a deal if you don’t need it.       

Never do a food shop hungry!

You’ll come back home with utter rubbish that will get binned. Or, you’ll eat all the junk you bought in one sitting. And let’s be honest, it probably won’t be the healthy stuff.

Shop online

Plan meals in advance and order food online to click and collect. That way you can see exactly how much you’re spending and can take stuff out your basket if you go over budget. Don’t forget you can also split the delivery cost with your flatmates, making it even cheaper.

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