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Hayley’s awesome experience being a devoted Learning Advocate

Hayley is a Nottingham Trent University Learning Advocate, who works as part of the Student in Classrooms scheme.

Working in a Primary School

As a Learning Advocate, I was interested in getting work experience in a primary school. Bentinck Primary is a different type of school where a number of the children speak little or no English. On my first day I worried that I would not know how to handle this experience. I though that I would be left in the dark. However, the class teacher in year 1 class where I was assigned on my first day was very welcoming and lovely. Prior to the students arriving, she would talk me through the schedule for that day and alert me to any concerns they had.

During my first week on the scheme, I had a new Romanian pupil in January who didn’t speak any English. Nevertheless, I have seen a tremendous improvement in his English as time has passed, which has been exciting to watch. This was one of the highlights of my experience. While I was learning, there were times when I did not know what to do when the teacher was teaching. In spite of that, I had accumulated a lot of experience over the past 10 weeks. I ended up volunteering for tasks that would be useful for the teacher. This included filing, sharpening pencils, tidying up etc.The class teacher has expressed her gratitude for my help and initiative.

How being a Learning Advocate helped me with my studies

My participation in the scheme has unexpectedly supported my study of my degree in BA Geography. This year, as part of my ‘Geographies of Migration’ module, I had to write a 1000 words funding proposal for a migration-related issue. Since I have observed first-hand that this is a pressing issue in Nottingham, I chose to apply for funding to provide additional English lessons for refugee and migrant children. I have become more aware of the problems refugee and migrant children face at a young age and how this impacts their education as well. Working as a Learning Advocate has therefore supplemented my studies.

Taking part in this scheme has provided me with excellent skills and knowledge. I have learned more about Nottingham and the people who live and work here outside of the university bubble. To improve my future employability, I have acquired skills such as speaking with a large number of people, taking initiative, and managing my time well. 

I have enjoyed working with young children in a position of responsibility, as well as learning more about the education system in the UK. 

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Applications for the Learning Advocate and Achievement Coach roles for 2021/22 are now open!

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