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Saturday Art & Design Club* – Meet our Student Ambassadors: Jonathan

 Saturday Art& Design Club isn’t only rewarding for the young people (aged 13 -16 years old) who attend the weekly workshops but it’s also beneficial for the student assistants that support the Club. In this post, some of our student assistants tell us why they have enjoyed the experience this year.

Jonathan Price

Graduated from Graphic Design in July 2016

 I was initially interested in the role of student assistant as it was an opportunity to add some context to my studies and share my knowledge of art and design with the Saturday Club.
Students from Saturday Art & Design Club working with Jonathan.
Jonathan working hard with his group.

My first task was to demonstrate how letter forms could be created from playing card symbols. Initially, this was a daunting prospect, however, I enjoyed sharing my ideas and helping the participants get stuck into creating typography.

One of the most rewarding aspects is seeing the young people’s investment in art and design at such an early stage of learning. Many seem set on a path towards higher education. By sharing my perspective of a creative education, I hope the students will pursue their passions, carving the way for the next generation of creative talent.

Saturday Art & Design Club on a Trip.
National Saturday Art & Design Club’s trip to London!
Throughout my involvement, I have become more confident about giving advice and guidance to the students. I feel more comfortable presenting ideas and talking to the group at each session. This confidence has definitely helped in the later stages of my degree. Discussing ideas and presenting projects are key aspects of a creative degree and Saturday Art & Design Club has allowed me to improve on these skills away from the pressures of university project work.

Saturday Art Club has already proved to be an excellent talking point with potential employers, as it adds emphasis to my skills in a non-academic environment. It has also allowed me to work with a more diverse age group, which is beneficial if pursuing a career in education. Overall, it provides evidence of my investment in creativity and can only improve my prospects as a creative graduate. For this reason, alone I would recommend that anyone who is genuinely passionate about art and design and wants to share their knowledge and experience should get involved with this fantastic project.

*Saturday Art & Design Club runs free weekly workshops at Nottingham Trent University from October to July.  The workshops are open to pupils aged 13 -16 years old.  If you would like to find out more, please contact Sarah Barkley at:
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