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A week in life from Leena’s work experience in CenSCE


A letter from Leena about her experience working for CenSCE – Centre for Student and Community Engagement at NTU.

Getting work experience maybe quite a daunting task for some, however it offers so much more than just working for someone for free. During work placement, you can learn a lot of valuable and transferrable skills which can set you up for a good start when applying for job in the future. Below is a letter from one of the secondary school students – Leena, who applied to work with us for one week to learn a bit about the work we do while having a good time doing it.

Hello there!

My name is Leena Alfishawy, I’m 15 years old and I attend Nottingham Girl’s Academy. I am currently in year 10 but after this week’s work experience, I might just apply for a job here instead! Finding work experience for myself and my interests was difficult, considering that there aren’t many work placements in performing arts or acting in general.

I was ecstatic after getting an acceptance letter from them. It seems odd that I applied for volunteering and event planning when I want to become an actress, singer (and hopefully more!) but I tried to think of the skills that I will develop and gain by doing volunteering, social media-based tasks and organisation filled work when I’m there.

My First Day 

On my first day, I met with my mentor Lucy King. She introduced me to the new Goldsmith Café that just opened up, we sat there while she gave me an introduction about what I was going to be doing and who I was doing it with. She also kindly gave me a map of the campus and more useful papers with department information on them. We then went to the Shakespeare Building where our offices were located. I met the team and I have to say, everyone made me feel very welcome! Afterwards, I got a few tasks from Leanne Perry and started working on them straight away

Day Two

My second day there, Lucy gave me a tour of the campus and showed me all the places I could grab a meal or just a tasty snack while studying, there was such a vast variety of food in every restaurant/café we saw. Afterwards, we went back to the office where I joined in this weekly tradition that the staff members participate in every Tuesday, they call it a ‘huddle’. This is where a representative from each team gives an update on what they have been doing and what they’re going to do. I really enjoyed this as is gave me even more insight on what everyone in the department does.

I also got to go to the Global Lounge Café and I learnt a lot about the events that go on at the Global Lounge. Some of the events they hold there are the Language Café where you can acquire a new language for free by helping someone learn your native language and you learn theirs, which is a fun way to learn, socialise and help other people. Sam, who was giving me the tour, also told me about the mini culture food festival that goes on every Thursday afternoon.

At the end of the day, I went to Forest Fields school to watch a volunteering session run by Stacey Trainer and other volunteers. This was to build up young school children that are lacking in confidence or struggle to focus on tasks. In general, it was a building up session and it was really nice to see the children participating and having fun!

Day Three

In the morning I worked on some more posters for the sports volunteering and then went on to Charlottes office where she gave me some spreadsheets that I happily organised and collected data from onto a word document.

At 1pm I was lucky enough to go see the Clifton sports campus and watch the university football team play a thrilling game.

Work Experience at NTU

Day Four

On fourth day, I had a charity meeting with Steve Barton and got the opportunity to look around at the backlit gallery where the meeting was set. When we came back, I went to meet with Kirsty Kelly-Lewin, the Progression Coordinator, to get given another task. At the end of the day I got given another task by Amy Manktelow, to design a flyer for NTU’s summer block.

Day Five

Today is the last day, I’m quite sad, I wish that I had more time to spend with the lovely staff doing interesting tasks, all I’m doing today is finishing up this blog that I’m writing now and do any other unfinished work.

So, what was all of this for?

In conclusion I wrote all of this to maybe encourage, any of you reading, to apply and see where it takes you. I cant apply for you but what I can do is tell you what a wonderful week I’ve had and how I’m planning to visit again, maybe during the summer when the skies are brighter and blue.

Have you done any work experience? Or do you think you can benefit from work experience? Let us know in the comments!

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