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Making Friends in your First Year of University

Unfamiliar faces and places can make university overwhelming at times! Especially when you’re far away from your friends from home. But your first year of university is the best time to take advantage of meeting new people and making new friends. We’re here to give you our best tips to make friends in your first year of university.

Leave your judgements behind you

Nottingham Trent University welcomes a diverse range of students from all around the world. This is why we’re so big on giving Respect at NTU and treating others with the inclusion that they deserve. So, when you come to the university, leave any perceptions and judgements behind you – say hello to everyone you meet. You never know where you’ll find your life-long friends.

Say ‘Yes!” to every opportunity

By saying “yes” to every opportunity, you’ll start to learn a lot more about yourself; what you like and don’t like, and it’ll help you grow in confidence in unfamiliar settings. This is a great character building that will provide you with continuous opportunities to meet a variety of different people.

Take part in our schemes!

Volunteering is a great way to travel across the globe and shape the lives of people in rural communities. You’ll be doing this alongside staff who will support you every step of the way, and other students who are on the same mission as you. Alternatively, why not get involved in the Students in Classroom scheme, where you can become an ambassador for NTU and inspire pupils in local schools?

Join a sports club/society

It’s nice to have friends outside of your course and accommodation where you can go to events and engage in activities you know you’ll enjoy. The best place to find out more about societies is on the Students Union site and at Freshers Fairs, which prop up throughout Welcome Week.

Find a balance

Sometimes, it might feel like you’re not making friends, but don’t give up and throw yourself into your studies! There are plenty of opportunities to meet new people all throughout the year, whether that be on your course, in your halls, in societies, at the gym….saying that, just make sure you’re finding a realistic balance between studying and enjoying yourself.

Get involved in Welcome Week

Welcome Week has been created with you in mind. We have hundreds of events and opportunities to try your hand at new activities, and meet new people from all across the world. Including lots of FREE food. Follow @NTUwelcomeweek on Twitter to be updated when everything kicks off (it’s an exciting time).

Join Facebook groups

There are so many official NTU Facebook groups to join that will help you establish new friendships in time for university! Discover who’s in your accommodation and your course. Not in Halls? No problem. You can connect with other local/commuting students. Find a full list of facebook groups to join here

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