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Merlin’s Work Experience at Nottingham Trent University

My name is Merlin, I am a year 10 student from The Becket School and my first work experience at the Nottingham Trent University was definitely amazing. In just one week I have met with 22 people who have given me an insight of their hectic, and intriguing jobs. I have learnt so much in just a week and have loved the experience I had here while gaining and developing new skills along the way.

On the morning of my first day, I was nervous yet excited; I couldn’t wait to see what was in store for me. I was hoping to gain a lot from this experience and learn a lot about the behind-the-scenes of university life. Day one started off with a tour around the city campus by Kelly, it was my first time seeing what an actual university campus looks like, and the different schools within. It was fascinating to see all these things before going to university myself. After settling down to the new environment, I started my jam-packed schedule with meeting many people and learning about their different jobs and the work that goes behind it; like Kelly -from the social sciences management team-, Amy -the alumni coordinator-, Nicola -from the marketing team- and Cath -from the finance team-. Listening to their riveting jobs made me think about my future choices and all the varied jobs that have many positive sides to it. At the end of the day, I felt as is NTU was a good decision to make for work experience.

Throughout the week, my roles and responsibilities for my placement were little tasks given to me by the people that I have met during this week. For example, I was searching for away day venues, or making packs for interviews or organising and replenishing stationary room supplies and even making posters for the early years library. Not only did this help me gain skills in the workforce, but in doing this, helped me gain life skills too; taking them away for the future. I have been working diligently, attaining knowledge on how to work for myself as a part of the NTU staff.

Doing this and learning a lot from the people I have met, I have gained many skills and developed many and new talents from this experience. I believe that the two main skills I have developed during my placement would be: taking my own initiative and obtaining independence. During my placement, I learnt how to take my own initiative, I tried to complete tasks to the best of my ability even if it meant working at home. Also, it was nice to be appreciated for trying to help those who have a lot of work to do, I took on roles to take the weight of staffs’ shoulders and independently worked on the tasks. I am happy that I had gone through this experience to attain all these skills.

I would say, that the three most important things I have learnt during my work experience placement would be that I have very good perseverance and motivation; I tried extremely hard to carry out all tasks given industriously. In addition, working with the staff at NTU made me realise the amount of work and effort that is put into making the students’ time at university the best time.

They always aim for the best for their students and are always trying to modify everything in any way to support them at all times. This is shown through alumni programme -this team helps students after graduation get employed, they are even asked after completing their course to come in and speak to current students; give them advice about courses and how to attack it. However, not only does NTU try to support the students but they also try to support their staff in every way possible; making their jobs fun and smooth running. Also, when having a job made me understand that you need good time management; there would be all sorts of requests given each day that are spontaneous so you have to be prepared to get a lot of work to complete in a short amount of time which is the best part of this job, according to many staff here at NTU, because that makes every day different and something to look forward to do.

I enjoyed hearing about what happens at the university and how unique each and every individual job is. It made me notice the variety of jobs and how each and every job plays a part in every way in the university. My shining achievement at my placement would be problem-solving a scenario as a “lawyer” given to me by Mathew –from the legal advice centre-, I was able to research well to justify my conclusion.

My placement was exactly how I expected it to be and more; it matched the description in the email that was sent to me. I would definitely recommend this placement to anyone because it was worthwhile; helping me open up my options to other fields and think about what career path I would like to go down when I am older. I am extremely grateful for this experience and all those who made it amazing; everyone here was very kind and supportive and hopefully, I will come back to NTU again as one of their very own students. Thank you!


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