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Haidar and Tinashe: Our work experience at NTU

Two work experience students Haidar and Tinashe standing together outside the Outreach department office
Outside the office on the first day

Hi our names are Haidar and Tinashe and we are here doing our year 10 week of work experience at Trent University in the department Of Schools, Colleges and Community Outreach. In this department they specialise in making and maintaining relationships with the outside.


We have been based in the progression team who work on the welcome week schemes, running work experience for students, the children’s university, social media and lastly organising specific events for the whole of the university. In this team there are 6 staff members, our supervisor Kirsty Kelly-Lewin, Laura H, Paul, Zoe, Nasser and Laura B.
Progression team doing a focus activity

Monday: On the first day we were introduced to all of the staff and were briefly told what their jobs consisted of – the staff were very welcoming and friendly. We then attended the progress team meeting where we listened in to the conversations and heard about the different concepts that they had newly introduced into their meetings. Afterwards we went with Julian to Bilborough College and observed a class on ‘surviving uni’. Soon after, we were shown around the campus with a student ambassador.

Tuesday: we were sent into the finance and purchasing department where we were shown around each desk and told what their jobs consisted of. Afterwards we went to NUAST with Danielle for a class on ‘interview skills’. Where we got to see an accounting seminar till the end of the day.
Looking at books in the library

 Wednesday: we started off with a welcome week task and then went into the finance department to meet the payroll team. After half an hour with the payroll team we both filled out the skills sheets. We sat down with Katie Todd who gave us an overview on the ambassador scheme where students

get paid to do jobs for the university in their own time. Then we went to the library to take photos for the blog.
Thursday: we carried on with the welcoming task and reported back our findings to our supervisor. We were then taught how to use Microsoft excel by Tash Neale and then given a data entry task. Later on, we went with Amber Page to NCN for a talk on ‘Higher Education and researching your options’ with year 12s.
In the board room working on budgeting

 Friday: We sat with Paul and had a video overview and then edited some videos he had taken before. Soon after, we sat with Jo Wheatcroft and worked on a budget task which in our opinion was great. We had lots of fun doing another budget task later with Lucy Judd and presented it in the meeting room to her. And lastly we had an interesting talk with Nasser Latif about work life and other important things to remember whilst being there.

All in all, we enjoyed our work experience a lot and would recommend it to other students looking for placements.

Author: Chitsatso Tinashe & Mahmood, Haidar 
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