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Hi I’m Paul and I work here at SCCO. Here’s a little bit about what I do!


When students first arrive at NTU in September they get to take part in a huge programme of fun events which we call Welcome Week. This is a chance for our 7000 new students to meet one another, find their way around and have a great time while settling in to Uni life. There are trips to do fun stuff like karting & ice skating, chances to hang out with other students, nights out, sports, big events, small events, clubs… you name it, we do it! It really is an incredible week and there’s such a buzz about the place!
So, my job is to work with other people in SCCO and right across NTU to make all this happen. It takes months of work to get it all just right but it’s well worth it.
When I’m not doing that I also produce media to support SCCO’s work, like some of the videos and photos that you can see all over this blog.
The thing I really want to tell you about is the volunteering that I do. All NTU staff get the opportunity to volunteer and make a difference through a community project or school in the local area. So for example we have someone who regularly helps out at a community centre in Netherfield, and another who gives her time to help at the Hayward House care unit at City Hospital. There are lots more.
I volunteer at Welbeck Primary School in the Meadows through a scheme called Number Partners. Every Monday, I go there for an hour and take a small group of Year 3 & 4 pupils for some extra Maths support. We have some special board games to help them practice their Maths skills which they get really competitive about! It’s turning Maths into a fun activity: they want to win, and we have a lot of laughs while they’re playing. They love it and they think of it as a treat. I wish there had been someone at my school doing the same!
Why do I do it? For me, it’s great to help them have fun while learning and improving their confidence with numbers. Over the half a term that I’m with each group, I see Welbecks children’s skills and their belief in their own ability grow, which is really satisfying – especially for those who are maybe quieter and lacking in confidence in the regular classroom setting.
There’s a personal reward too in giving something back to the local community. Not everyone has the same start in life, and I like that a little effort from me can make a real difference to others. With the children getting so much out of it too, it’s a winner all round!
Blog Administrator. Currently ran by co-author Emilia Denis. Emilia has studied Fashion Communication and Promotion at NTU between years 2017 and 2020.

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