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Shimona’s Work Experience with NTU

Hello, my name is Shimona and I attend The Becket School; I am in Year 10 which makes me 15 years old.

Firstly, I have to admit, applying for Work Experience around Nottingham was quite a hassle. Especially when my friend and I were both trying to get experience in a law firm; we were underage and most law firms were taking students who were 16 or older. However, we both concluded to apply at NTU. Originally, I did want to apply for the Forensic Department but I wasn’t old enough and the Law Department Placement was already taken so, in the end, I applied for the Events Assistant. Although this experience has nothing to do with what I want to do in the future, this experience definitely improved the skills that I will be needing. I also did manage to enter the Chaucer building and spoke to people who gave a lot of advice about the job I will be applying for in years to come.

This was my first work experience and so I wasn’t really expecting of how busy my week would have been. On the first day I was quite excited but also worried because the campus is huge and I could have been lost but thanks to Google Maps, I found my way to Dryden Centre and luckily, on time.

On the first day I met up with my supervisor and she told me about the events I will be attending during the week such as who I’m meeting and what campuses I will be at. She also introduced me to all the people at the Relief Office who were present that day and they were all sweet and friendly. Later, I met up with 3 student ambassadors who were taking care of the Year 9’s who visited the University. One of the students had taken Criminology which is the subject I am particularly interested in so I was able to learn about what job she will be going into after her degree. After the Year 9’s had left my supervisor and I went to meet up with some other event organisers and there they were thinking about what icebreakers would be good.

The skill that I’ve used the most and improved on is communication and creativity skills. Throughout my placement, I’ve been asked to think about future events a lot and I’ve had to communicate with everyone in the office. When talking to supervisors or people who took the same pathway as me, they always repeated how building up your CV is the best thing you can do before applying for a job and they also said how communicating with the people around you can benefit you; “Remember part of ‘work-life’ is communicating with people in your department asking for their help.”

I’ve actually just really enjoyed being able to work in the Relief Office and being able to work on my tasks independently and also I’m proud of that. Also, I attended the book club where they talk about a variety of situations about society. This book club really interested in me because it was about how girls struggled in school life to become where they are now. As well as the book club, just walking around the campus is nice because it’s peaceful and there are many mini attractions scattered around both the campuses that I did manage to go to.

This work experience was a great way to give you an idea of how the career you’d want to pursue, would be like. It was also a great way for people to find something they’re interested in. So when the people around me are looking for work experience, I will definitely recommend the NTU to them.


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