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Sports Volunteer: Jess Stanfield

Jess and her High 5 Netball team.
Jess and her High 5 Netball Team.

Nottingham Trent Sports Volunteering is a great way of helping the local community and keeping yourself active.

There are so many opportunities within Sports Volunteering like coaching and leading University sports clubs, organising sport projects and events and coaching young people in schools.

We really believe that it is beneficial to lots of aspects of your life. For example, coaching can help you gain confidence and also allows you to network within the community.

It’s rewarding! You’ll be making a difference in the community by sharing your own skills and knowledge about your sport and engaging people to keep active and enjoy it.

We asked Sports Volunteer, Jess Stanfield about her experiences within the role to give you an insight into what it entails and how it has helped her during and after University.

1. Where did you volunteer?

I volunteered at Sneinton Primary School coaching High 5 Netball.

2. When did you start volunteering?

I started volunteering in my third year at NTU and I was the lead volunteer for the High 5 Netball coaching throughout the academic year.

3. Were Nottingham Trent Volunteering helpful in getting you started?

Yes, definitely. I always had support and help available, especially in recruiting other student volunteers.

They also helped me ensure that everyone attended the ‘High 5 Netball course’ before the volunteering in schools began. This meant they had all been trained to deliver the sessions in schools.

4. Did the project relate to your course?

Yes, the project did relate to my course as I was studying Sport and Exercise Science. Sport is a huge passion of mine and getting young people engaged and participating in a sport has always been important to me.

5. What did you get up to on the project?

The project involved making sure that all the schools involved had one or two coaching volunteers each week.

I also did some coaching myself when others were not available.

I then organised the High 5 Netball tournament. This was where all the schools came to NTU and we delivered a coaching session then had a mini-tournament! It was really fun for everyone.

6. How has becoming a sports volunteer helped you?

I have really enjoyed volunteering.

Organisation, meeting and working with new people, leadership and approach-ability are just a few skills that I have developed.

It was a fantastic opportunity and it will be a great addition to my CV.

7. Has becoming a sports volunteer made you think about your career direction?

It has heightened my passion for working with children and has led me to consider finding a job that encourages their participation and enjoyment in sports and exercise.

8. What did you achieve during your time on the project?

I feel that I have achieved lots. I led a team and the end result was that more local children enjoyed High 5 Netball and playing sports as an after-school activity.

9. Would you encourage others to take part in volunteering?

Yes, definitely! I am very glad I volunteered this year as it is very enjoyable, rewarding and teaches you lots of new skills.

10. Will you continue to volunteer?

I will be graduating this year but I would love to volunteer again after University. 

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