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Your guide to being a Student Ambassador

Being a Student Ambassador was one of the most enjoyable and rewarding things I did whilst studying at Nottingham Trent and I would highly recommend applying to anyone. The best thing about the role is the amount of flexibility that it offers. If you are too busy one month to do any events then this does not matter, there is no minimum amount of hours that you have to subscribe to and as a student this is what matters. During my final year at university I did not do a single event for about six months due to the heavy workload of my studies but once they were finished I was able to come back and subscribe to as many events as I could.
It’s a great way to spend your summer
The best time to be a Student Ambassador is during the summer, if you are able to stay in Nottingham after the year is finished then I would recommend doing so. During the two summers after my second and third year I worked the busiest block for the School, College and Community Outreach Team. Different schools around Nottingham came to visit the university every day for a month. The highlight of the visit block, however, is always the summer residential’s at the end of the month. Student Ambassadors support these events by sharing with students their own experiences of what higher education is about. However, being paid to sleep, eat dominoes, go bowling and take part in quizzes certainly is an added bonus.
Variety is the spice of life!
There are a vast amount of different events that Student Ambassadors support throughout the year, from going into schools and colleges leading a variety of activities, to supporting with university Open Days and UCAS Clearing. There are events available to suit any type of person as Student Ambassadors support events aimed at all year groups from Years 5 to 13.
The people!
The one thing you can guarantee as a Student Ambassador is that you will get to work with some of the greatest people. During my time as a Student Ambassador the people I have worked with have become my closest friends, friends I will stay in contact with long into the future. As well as the other Student Ambassadors, the Outreach officers who lead the events are outgoing and easy to get along with making the events extremely enjoyable. The camaraderie between the entire team is second to none and is unlike any other job I have had.
It looks great on my CV
Being a Student Ambassador is suitable for students studying all types of degrees. I studied for a Law Degree and the skills that I have developed will no doubt help me in becoming a successful lawyer. However, I have not gone straight into my chosen career path. Being a Student Ambassador left such a lasting impression that I am now working within a college as a Mentor, imparting the knowledge that I have gained and helping many students achieve their goals. There is no doubting that I would not have got this job without being a Student Ambassador and I am glad that I now have the skills to go down a variety of career paths.


Answer these few simple questions…
Do you want to meet some great people who will become lifelong friends? Do you want to earn money whilst studying but want flexibility? Do you want to have a job where no two days are the same? If yes is your answer to any of these questions then apply to be a Student Ambassador and you will not regret it; I never did!
Author: Jamie Watkinson
Edited by: Declan Manning
Blog Administrator. Currently ran by co-author Emilia Denis. Emilia has studied Fashion Communication and Promotion at NTU between years 2017 and 2020.

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