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Your Summer Guide: Getting ready for University!

Summer has finally arrived and haveing taken all those exams, you can finally relax. You deserve it. But if you have decided to come to university, there are some things you should probably be doing to prepare yourself. Take a look at our top tips and suggestions to get you on your way.

Find a job

It really pays to find a job during your summer break before University!

Of course, it’s nice to have some additional funds prepared for Freshers Week so that you can really get stuck in! But also, on the rare occasion, your student loan could arrive late. Having additional funds to tie you over in this scenario is really useful in ensuring you don’t struggle, and don’t miss out.

Pro student tip: Thinking ahead is where you can really win the game. Make sure to find a job that can support your busy student schedule. A company that will take you back on when you decide to come back home for Christmas, Easter and summer breaks means you can continue to earn some money.

And finally, you will also gain the necessary experience to add to your CV, build on new skills, and meet people. After University, employers really respect seeing that you’ve done that little bit extra during your time at University, and it can give you that one up in securing a job.

Set up a student overdraft

We’ve already mentioned that you’ll need money to tie you over in case of emergencies, but it can really help to have a student overdraft arranged. We recommend scouting around for the best deal, but make it a priority to find a bank that gives you plenty of time after graduation to pay it back, all interest free.

De clutter

If you’re moving into student accommodation, then it might be time to go through your room and declutter. This will make things much easier when you have to pack up to leave, because you definitely don’t want to be leaving with more stuff than you really need!

Even if you’re staying at home, decluttering is a great way to feel like you’re starting fresh, while making room for the books and materials you’ll be collecting for university.


Get some volunteer work done of course! You can pick up a host of skills, and it’s a great way of boosting that CV. You can always check out for volunteering opportunities. Don’t think this has to be done in your hometown though, there are great ways to combine volunteering with travel over the summer.

Figure out your student budget plan

It might seem like a lot of money the first time you see your student loan in writing, but they call it a ‘student budget’ for a reason! It’s a good idea to figure out exactly how much money you have after paying for accommodation, and work out how much spending you have per week.

You might want to work out some student-friendly meal plans, and look on store websites to work out how much you’ll be expecting to spend on your grocery bill per week.

Research for the student discounts!

By accessing MyUniDays and Student Beans, you can find out where you can get the best student deals. Remember to download the apps on your phone, some stores can’t give you discount without this.


We completely recommend you take the opportunity to travel.

Travelling can be a fun experience and a great opportunity to meet people from around the world, but if you really want to get the most out of travelling, then you want to make sure you travel with the purpose to up-skill. Volunteering is a great way to learn a host of new specialised and soft skills. It also shows employers that you’re open minded, have strong ethics, that you’re interested in making a difference.

Many volunteering opportunities offer you accommodation and food free in return for your work, so it can be great if you’re a budget backpacker. You’ll have to look around though.

If you’re the creative type, you could also use traveling to enhance your portfolio. Whether thats by writing about your experience through blogging, capturing creative photographs on Instagram, or using it as an opportunity to develop your artistic style.

Up your social media game

Don’t miss out! Keep up to date with up-and-coming events and activities by following the Welcome Week Twitter.

And don’t forget to join Facebook groups and look out for other people on the same course/halls – it makes it much easier moving to a new city knowing that you will see a few familiar faces

Check out Sports and Societies

Freshers week can be crazy overwhelming. There’s lots going on! If you take some time in the summer to research and to think what is it that you would like to try out or sign up to then once you arrive, you can just go straight into it! You can check these out by visiting the NTU SU website.

Don’t think if you aren’t great at a sport you can’t join… many sports clubs have beginner sessions/’play for fun’, and it’s a great way to meet more people. Just turn up.

Learn how to cook

Now that it’s summer, this is the perfect opportunity to learn how to make a selection of easy, cheap, nutritious meals now while you’re still living at home. Ask everyone in your house to suggest a favourite dish – then get them to show you how to make it for yourself. Being able to cook great food in large quantities is a great skill to have if you decide to live with flatmates who all like to cook together.

Jo’s Top Tip: Know your tipping point and restore balance!

It may well have felt stressful at times, juggling exams/coursework with family and friends and oh, maybe a part-time job thrown into the mix? But you did it – got through it! Starting at University can be such a fun and inspiring time, but it can also mean learning to juggle a whole new set of challenges, unknowns and stresses. Understanding you is so important in navigating these for a healthy and happy life at University. My advice would be to reflect on recognising what your individual stress triggers look like and the things you (and others) can do that to help you to maintain a sense of calm and control. For me, I know I don’t always eat right when I’m getting anxious and it has a tendency to spiral into being a spotty ratbag to be around! When I see that point beginning to present, I know I need to walk in the fresh air, to bring myself back to a state where I can think clearly and take control again. Simple, free and works for me. Each person’s triggers and wellbeing strategies are their own – what are yours?

Know that there is MUCH more to uni than getting a degree

Good grades and a degree is the ultimate goal of university – but most importantly, it’s about how you take advantage of your time at university. To be ahead of the game, you should try to involve yourself in clubs and societies, gain some work experience, build your portfolio. University is a great place to find support in doing that.

Have questions about starting university?

We’re happy to help. Drop us an email or comment below and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Blog Administrator. Currently ran by co-author Emilia Denis. Emilia has studied Fashion Communication and Promotion at NTU between years 2017 and 2020.

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  1. Hey I’m starting uni at NTU this fall but I’m an international student and I was wondering if you’ve got any tips for me 😅

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