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Things to do for Teetotals whilst at university

When coming to university, you may notice that much of the fan-fair available during freshers week and the rest of you university life surrounds clubbing and alcohol. This can be particularly daunting for those coming to university who do not drink, or do not feel comfortable with the club scene. This is something that many students struggle with (more than you may think), including myself as I felt out of place during my first year of university, feeling as if I didn’t fit in with my peers. However whilst at university this isn’t all that is on offer for students, and during my second year I have learned that this isn’t what university is all about. So here are some tried and tested ideas for things to do as a teetotal whilst at university. 

Get involved in a society (or ten!)

Societies are a huge part of university life. There are many different societies available whilst at university surrounding a range of different interests, academic subjects and social groups, including more common interests such as the Drama society and Film society, to more niche interests such as the Warlocks society, Airsoft Society and Gamer society. Academic societies such as the Psychology society and History society are also available, as well as societies for social groups such as NTU Pride, Indonesian Society and the Labour society. When you start university, make sure to get yourself down to Freshers Fair to see all of the societies that are available, although you can join a society at any time during the year. Societies often involve a one-time charge for the year, usually at around £5, however societies can change your university experience for the better, making this charge seem like nothing! 

Try sports clubs

Similarly to societies, sports clubs are also a popular pastime whilst at university where many people make the best friends and the best memories of their university experience! There are sports clubs and other sports opportunities at City, Clifton and Brackenhurst campus, allowing all students to get involved! A range of sports clubs are available, including popular sports such as Football (Men’s and Women’s), Hockey (Men’s and Women’s) and Basketball (Men’s and Women’s), as well as more obscure sports, such as Ultimate Frisbee, Equestrian, Snowsports and free-roaming. These sports clubs have both competing and non-competing groups, allowing for members of all abilities. Fitness classes and Play for Fun sessions are also available for those who do not want to join an organised group, including Ballet Fitness, Aerobics and Yoga classes, as well as Tennis, Badminton, Trampolining and more Play for Fun sessions. All of these opportunities are available via the NTSU website, as well as being available to browse at Freshers Fair. 

Volunteer at NTU

Another good way of filling your time whilst at university, as well as feeling a part of the NTU community is by getting involved in volunteering. There are many different volunteering opportunities available at NTU, including community volunteering opportunities, allowing you to gain experience in a certain field, or make a difference in your local community by working with a charity, international volunteering opportunities, becoming a sports volunteer at NTU or an outside organisation, or volunteering with the Student’s Union in SU ran or student ran projects or one off action days. These opportunities can look great on your CV, can gain you important experience in your chosen career or industry, or can just be a feel good opportunity to make a difference! 

Try wide variety of restaurants and café’s available in Nottingham –

(Image by kirstiecoolin on Pixabay)

Nottingham is one of the most multicultural and diverse cities in the UK, and with this comes a wide range of different food to try. Restaurants such as May Sum (a Chinese all you can eat restaurant) Las Iguanas (Latin American restaurant) and Bar Burrito, as well as places such as The Kitty Café and Kaspa’s Desserts are available in Nottingham. So for all of you foodies in Nottingham, make it your mission whilst at university to take advantage of Nottingham’s rich and diverse environment and try all of the different restaurants and cafes that the city has to offer! 

Check interesting attractions in Nottingham

There are also a wide range of different activities outside of campus to do in Nottingham, with different places for all interests! Some great attractions in Nottingham include Zero Latency, the UK’s first free roaming VR experience, Planet Bounce, an inflatable theme park for all ages, Ludorati, a board game café, and many more! Also, don’t forget Nottinghamshire’s abundance of countryside and beautiful parks such as Wollaton Park and Hall, Rufford Abbey Country Park and Sherwood Forest Country Park. Sometimes a bit of fresh air can do wonders for the mind and body, and can take away some of the stress of university life. 

By Ella Farnsworth

Blog Administrator. Currently ran by co-author Emilia Denis. Emilia has studied Fashion Communication and Promotion at NTU between years 2017 and 2020.

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