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How to Travel on a student budget

Now, we talked about why you should start travelling whilst your still a student in a recent article, but we’re about to talk about how you can do this on the cheap.

Tranpsort for cheap

Flight comparison sites, such as Skyscanner, are a great way of finding, and comparing the cheapest flights. If you’re a little flexible with the ‘where’ and ‘when’, why not choose the ‘explore’ option, which will not only give you inspiration on where you could go but will show you the cheapest flights throughout the coming months.

TIP: Traveling on Tuesdays tends to be cheaper.

If you’re looking at taking multiple stops in your travel through Europe, then consider taking public transport instead of flying. Rome2Rio is a fantastic website that shows you your options when it comes to taking flights, ferry, train, bus and car. You can also go the scenic route and look into getting an interrail pass if you’re looking to travel mostly by train. If you’re really savvy, you could sleep on a long-haul journey instead of paying for accommodation for the night, but be sure not to miss your stop…

Accommodation for cheaper (solo)

Hostels are much better for the budget than staying in alternative accommodation. You might often find that Hostels throw in free breakfast every morning, or have a ‘free food’ cupboard left by the previous travellers who have stayed. This is a great way of saving money on food and filling up for the day ahead. They might also offer discounted excursions and organise transfers to the airport, which you can usually find out on their social media or Hostelworld profiles.

Tips for choosing the right accomodation:

  • Choose self-catering always. Eating out every day is hardly budget-friendly, especially if the standard living prices in the country your visiting is high.
  • If transfers aren’t provided, find a hostel that is easily accessible via public transport (and most importantly, that runs for the times you’ll be needing it!).
  • Ensure your hostel check-in times are open for when you arrive. If you’re booking cheap flights, chances are you’ll be flying early hours in the morning or late at night.

Accommodation for Group Travellers

You might find that splitting an Airbnb is much cheaper than staying in a Hostel, and of course, there’s a little more luxury having the privacy of your own place!

Cheaper excursions

Before you go, make sure to bring your student ID, preferably one that has an ISIC discount such as the NUS extra card, Totum. You can get all sorts of discounts in Europe, including discounted entry into Museums and Historical sites. Take full advantage of this wherevever you can.

Free walking tours are a great way of getting to know your place of stay. All you need to do is google ‘Free walking tour’ with the place you are staying. Although it is generally ‘free’, the tour guides go off a comission basis, so please do not forget to tip where you can.

Also, make sure to look out for tourist traps and consider going off the beaten track to find overlooked and hidden gems. Consider joining travel groups on Facebook and asking for advice and reviews before deciding on plans. Lonely Planet is also a great way for discovering gems.

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