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Students empowered session at Art Club

Saturday Art Club is dedicated to providing hands-on workshops with 13-16 year olds from Nottingham City and county schools.

Throughout the year the group members will work with a variety of artists and specialist creative practitioners, culminating in a national exhibition at Somerset House, London.

What makes you, You? How would you answer this question in an art form?

The group members of Saturday Art Club were asked to consider what makes them who they are as a part of year-long project called “What makes me, me?”

From their genetic make up and personal experiences all the way down to likes/dislikes; the members of the club were documenting every aspect in order for them to learn a bit about themselves.

Nottingham-based artist and NTU BA (Hons) Decorative Arts alumna, Anna Collette Hunt asked each member to create a self-portrait, detailing their physical appearance via ceramic masks. They also had the option of adding some genetic make up like blood cells and DNA in order for it not just look like them but actually show an accurate representation of who they are as people on top if you know what I mean by artistry! Once they sculpted these clay pieces then added colour through glazes before turning them into beautiful works that really capture one’s true inner beauty here.

Members were also inspired by the work of artist, and School of Art & Design Technician Claire Davies that they created animations and 3D scans incorporating objects and imagery they cherished from their personal lives.

The group worked in pairs to take photographs of themselves engaging with their assigned objects, which were then imported into Photoshop and manipulated for an animation. The 3D scans were created by taking pictures around their own body part or even a whole form or an object they felt was special. They imported these images as layers into software which when compiled together it enabled them to create high quality animations of themselves.

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