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Georgia’s Work Experience in Year 12 at Nottingham Trent


I’m Georgia and I am in Year 12. Through my sixth form I have been doing work experience at Nottingham Trent University; week commencing 20th till 24th June, 2016.

You might think this sounds dull. Maybe you’ve already got a part time job? Or maybe you feel that you’re already experienced. But let me tell you – this week has opened so many new doors for me and it’s provided me REAL ‘experience’.

Throughout the course of the week I have taken part in a variety of different activities that have given me opportunity to learn new skills and I will talk you through what I have been up to. Let’s begin with..

My first day at Censce..

Monday was my first day of work experience at Nottingham Trent and of course, I was nervous and I didn’t really have a clue what it was going to be like but I arrived with an open mind and a passion to learn. After introducing myself to the staff at NTU CenSCE (Centre for Stakeholder and Community Engagement) and them to me, I went along with Lucy – one of the their staff members to a Year 9 City Campus visit.

It was fun ! Aa I was showing pupils around the campus. I wanted to give them an insight into what university has in store for them, so I started explaining them more about it. While on our trip, we attended various activities, two of which offered taster sessions for courses that would be available at university.

Students were very interested in what we had to say. One room in particular attracted their attention – the law room! The court is laid out just like a real court, and some of them hoped to study law in the future, so this benefited them greatly when they walked through it.

In addition to getting a feel for what the university is like, I got an idea of where I would be working all week long!

Court Room – Chaucer Building, City Campus.


I was feeling a lot more optimistic on my second day. I got to explore Clifton campus. It wasn’t as fun for me as the City campus which was more of an alive vibe for me. I also took part in year 5 visit from school which I thoroughly enjoyed.

The children were engaged and wanted to be there. The presenter, Tash, made it really interesting and did everything appropriately for that age group to understand and enjoy. We made puppets with the children, which they really enjoyed and got involved in. I even enjoyed making one myself! I developed my skills in child care and felt that this workshop gave me a more rounded insight into how to act with someone who is so much younger than me. The day plan focused largely around giving young pupils an insight into what moving up to comprehensive school would be like; I felt this aim was achieved.

Clifton Campus


Wednesday was a good day! I attended Clifton campus again, this time for the ‘Raise the Grade French’ day with students from Year 10.

Although this could have gone either way, I think the visitors were all well behaved which made the day an easy one for us! It has certainly helped achieve the aim of the day, and this visit has greatly benefited the students. 

I don’t know French at all (sadly) so I struggled to help out. But just seeing the students develop and learn was so rewarding. It was amazing to see how this one day have really boosted young people skills. Additionally, despite not taking French, I developed other skills during the revision session during which students were given advice and revision techniques. All in all, it worked out well for me.


It was very challenging on Thursday! I attended a Year 12 visit with 80 students, so you can image how busy the room was! I learned that although Year 12 are the closest to going to university compared to Years 5, 9 or 10.. they were actually the least engaged with us. In my opinion, the size of the group contributed to this difficulty. Getting the speaker’s point across was challenging but the overall aims of the session were met. This was my least favourite day so far.


My final day of work experience! It was on this day that I wrote this blog post and spoke to staff about their roles. I’m going to miss it! I really enjoyed learning about all the different roles and responsibilities that CenSCE has and how they work as a team. I was very impressed. Thank you for allowing me to join you for a week!

Georgia and colleagues from CenSCE Team
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