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Caitlin interesting time working at NTU

Hello, my name is Caitlin. I had the most amazing week on working at NTU in the Censce department (Centre for Student and Community Engagement). In this blog post, you will find what I was up to.

I attend Ashfield School. I am in year 10 which makes me 15 years old. Firstly, finding a work experience placement for me in the dentistry industry was very hard, everywhere I applied rejected me or I was underage.

However, I applied to Nottingham Trent University and received an email back very quickly.

I chose to do my work experience in the data, research and communication department. Although this experience isn’t anything to do with dentistry (what I hope to do in the future), this experience has definitely been helpful, as I wish to come to university when I am older.

My experience in Censce

This was my first work experience, therefore I had no idea of what to expect. I was so excited about the opportunity. However, I was worried about me not finding the Dryden Building reception or me not being on time. But luckily, it was not hard to find at all. I was on time and the receptionists at Dryden was extremely welcoming.

On the first morning of my work experience placement I met up with Censce staff member Kirsty. We went to the Newton building to collect my swipe pass so I could have access to the buildings, including Kirsty’s office. 

She then took me on a mini-tour of the university so I knew roughly where I was goin.

We went up the library and looked at the rooftop garden. In which is a beautiful place, and an extremely calm study area for the people of Nottingham Trent University.

Boots Library, NTU.
Boots Library, NTU.

We also went to the Global Lounge, this is where all students can go to meet new people and learn new languages.

NTU Global Lounge
NTU Global Lounge

The first day continues..

Kirsty introduced me to lots of her colleges and they were all so polite and nice to me. Throughout my first day I did a variety of things, firstly I helped Amy M. with setting up the Year 9 Residential Programme curriculum. This included me looking online for ideas and themes for a treasure hunt, which Amy wanted to do at the Year 9 Residential.

After my lunch, I met with Jon who set me a worksheet task to complete on the computer. I had to write about the impacts the role models have, who is my role model and what impact they have had on me.

After I had completed this, Heather gave me a task to put leaflets and a poster in envelopes to have them ready to send off to schools to promote the Saturday Art Club.

At the end of my first day, I felt happy because everyone was so nice, and I didn’t feel pressured into too much work or anything.

Caitlyn on the steps of Newton building, NTU.
Caitlyn on the steps of Newton building, NTU.

The rest of my experience

On my second day of work experience working at NTU, Laura told me a lot of information about the Children’s University scheme. I had to complete a worksheet she gave me, to express all about my own opinion on the children’s university website.

Once I had completed that task, I did my online courses: Staff Health and Safety Induction and Fire Safety course. After this, I felt even more safe in NTU because even though Kirsty had already told me where to go if there is a fire alarm e.g., this was a recap, and it was useful.

Then Leanne who works in digital media and I went for a ‘get to know you’ tour of campus. Leanne took photographs of me around campus and we spoke about the university, Leanne’s university life, and her job role. Walking around the campus, seeing graduates celebrating and seeing the university has really inspired me to be more interested in going to university even more.

Throughout the week I was given similar but interesting tasks which I have enjoyed completing, with support from people in the office. Everyone at NTU especially in the office where I was working, have been so helpful, welcoming and nice to me. And being in the University environment has made me excited to go to University. I am extremely grateful for this placement and everyone that made it amazing.

Thank you NTU!

Blog Administrator. Currently ran by co-author Emilia Denis. Emilia has studied Fashion Communication and Promotion at NTU between years 2017 and 2020.

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